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Peony & Butterfly part 1 – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

chinese painting brush Chinese brush artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies and pianist Josh Harvey improvise together on their DVD “Joyful Brush” available for purchase from and Virginia paints with Chinese inks and silk dyes on rice paper mounted on board.

Duration : 0:8:18


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Nuvigil dose

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

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Duration : 0:0:49


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Art History Help! i know im asking for a lot but i need help! thanks!?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

1. Match the term/concept to the correct description relating to the arts.
(Points : 20)
Answer Potential Matches:
: Kneaded eraser 1 : process of printmaking in which image is carved out of material
: Johannes Gutenberg 2 : greasy crayon that can be used in lithography
: Ukiyo-e 3 : surface on which a work of art is created, such as canvas
: Intaglio 4 : invented the printing press
: Tusche 5 : ‘pictures of the floating world’
: Support 6 : paint created by mixing Chinese chalk and watercolors
: Fresco 7 : printmaking process that requires cutting into a surface, such as a metal plate
: Gouache 8 : painting on plaster
: Relief 9 : close parallel markings that create sense of depth
: Hatching 10 : material that can be molded to remove pencil markings

2. Which tool would be used by a painter to mix and hold paints while creating a work of art?(Points : 4)

3. There are paint brushes made of real animal hair.(Points : 4)

4. The actual color that is ground into a powder and mixed with a liquid substance is known as ________.(Points : 4)

5. Identify the paint medium in which paint is actually applied to wet plaster requiring artists to work quickly before the plaster dries.(Points : 4)
Oil paint
Fresco secco
True fresco

6. What paint medium was favored by Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, and provided them with the ability to create texture?(Points : 4)
Oil paint
Fresco secco
True fresco

7. Paper as we know it was invented by _______________________, although the word, papyrus, from which the word �paper� was derived was created by ___________________.(Points : 4)
Tsai Lun; Egyptians
Johannes Gutenberg; Chinese
Albrecht Durer; Italians
Leonardo da Vinci; Germans

9. Which of the following is a liquid drawing medium?(Points : 4)
Oil pastel

10. Which of the following is not one of the intaglio printing processes?(Points : 4)

11. Select the intaglio printing process that requires the application of a waxy ground on a metal plate and then pulling an etching needle across it to reveal the areas to be eaten by acid.(Points : 4)

12. Which printmaking process is a modern-day technique that allows the artist spontaneity while using a tusche to draw on stone?(Points : 4)

13. Identify the modern-day printmaking process, also known as screenprinting, in which the artist squeegees paint through a mesh screen.(Points : 4)

14. What artist attempted to mix oil paint and wet plaster when creating the Last Supper, producing a disatrous result?(Points : 4)
Albrecht Durer
Vincent van Gogh
Mary Cassatt
Leonardo da Vinci

16. Pointillism was a technique developed by Northern Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, in which he used a burin to create small circles in a metal plate to create the sense of depth.(Points : 4)

17. Explain the significance of ukiyo-e, and the impact it had on Western life and art produced in the late 1800s.(Points : 10)

Ukiyo-e was significant because it was a form of art arguing instead that it was akin to modern mass media. The impact it had on Western life and art produced in the late 1800s was that Westerns thought the art was fascinating while the Japanese thought the Westerns were ignorant from admiring minor scraps of paper.

18. Describe the difference between relief and intaglio printmaking processes.(Points : 10

It’s clear you are not asking for help. You are expecting us to do your homework for you. That’s not what we do here.