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How make paste for mounting Chinese painting or sumi-e

Friday, June 29th, 2012

chinese painting ink Visit for mounting brushes.

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How to Paint Hydrangeas in Chinese Brush Painting with Henry Li(HD)

Friday, June 29th, 2012

chinese painting brush In this painting, I drew my inspirations, first, from my late teacher Zhang Zhengyin, who sent me a sample painting with white hydrangeas 24 years ago when I just came to the USA; and second, from the real flowers. When I look at hydrangeas it reminds me of fireworks for some reason, maybe because of the timing that 4th of July is just around the corner but also the shape and the colors of the hydrangea flowers, all that set the mood of this painting. I hope you enjoy watching the whole process although might be a little too long. Like I said in my chrysanthemum class, which will be shown next month in my class, drawing those flower petals one by one makes us calm down and brings inner peace to our mind. So, thanks for your patience!
For those of you who likes to take an online class from me now it’s time to register, the class will start on July 16th. For more info please visit

Someone asked me how to make a piece of paper into he fan face shape, and I tried to show in this photo. Just fold it inhalf and then start from the center to make multiple slant folds, with narrower bottom and wider top. Then cut the top and bottom off. Here you go the fan face. The paper used is quite bigger than you might think you need, you may use your wasted painting or newspaper to try this.

Happy 4th of July!

God bless America!


P.S. the paper I used was antique-colored Xuan which you can purchase from our online store

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Jacque Fresco in Penn State (Full Lecture & QnA) [deutsche Untertitel]

Friday, June 29th, 2012

chines painting supplies Jacque Fresco brings a 44 minute RBE/Venus Project lecture to the students and faculty of Penn State University. This April 16th, 2009 lecture is followed up with a good Question & Answer session that lasts for over an hour.

Translated by The Zeitgeist Movement Linguistic-Team International

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Blue Heron and Cattail in Sumi-e Chinese Painting

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

chinese painting ink Rice paper, brushes, ink and colors are available at

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How to draw Orchid in Chinese brush painting or Sumi-e

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

chinese painting brush

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Chapter 03 – History of Julius Caesar by Jacob Abbott

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

chines painting supplies Chapter 3: Advancement To The Consulship. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Cathy Barratt.

Playlist for History of Julius Caesar by Jacob Abbott:

History of Julius Caesar free audiobook at Librivox:

History of Julius Caesar free eBook at Project Gutenberg:

Jacob Abbott at Wikipedia:

View a list of all our videobooks:

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Quality Blogs and Article Directories: The Information Gold Mine

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Google made big changes to the ways their search results rank,   the reason cited is that google wanted to provide more relevant results, google engineers published blog post which indicated there were 11.8% organic search results will be affected, say it another way, google thinks about 12% of it’s search results are really bad and need to manipulated. Google started this change almost one year ago, and recently I see some of my ranks were lowered considerably, the good thing is that those keywords promoted by content rich links are not affected, a few of these keywords ranked better than ever, it’s almost a sure thing that plain link building loses all it’s attraction, at least in the eye of google.

So what exactly is linking campaign the old way? There are a lot of SEO company out there are doing this, they put your links on websites which only exist for holding links, the content on those sites will never be updated, almost all of them are garbage, the name link spamming are just for these sites. New google algorithm most likely will punish these link spammers,  the links on those spamming sites won’t work anymore.  

Examples will be great for explanation. It was quite some time ago, I needed to rank the keyword,, of course with old way of link building, lately I figured that every site in the campaign had way too many links, and the worst thing is that those sites are linking sites only and had no content, not even crap content. This strategy worked in the beginning, eventually the keyword could be found on first page,   the honeymoon lasted until google changed it’s mind. Now let’s look at another keyword, chain pullers, we promoted this keyword with articles and blog posts, not too many plain links have been built, you can imagine how this keyword ranks. So contextual link wins this time, what about future? It all boils down to content, when you create unique and quality content, not only people will love to read your stuff, so do the search engines. How do you do it? Writing articles and building blogs, take a look at this blog, kaiya eve , I build it as a hobby and kept adding good or mediocre content, now it can even rank the highly competitive keywords. Now you can see, article marketing with great content is the way to go. Say you’re building your own bogging network, something like, then it will be easier to do article marketing.

Remember content is king, you just need to create content, get people to enjoy and share your stuff, and put your keywords in the context you’re good to go, as long as you don’t stop doing this, you will win over customers and search engines. Persistence and patience are the keys to success, nothing will automatically improve overnight, be it your business or search rankings, now all we need to do is to give our love for creating and sharing quality content and not to worry about the ranking every day. Ezine is one of the best article directories out there, google will index a new article on ezine promptly, and some popular blogs will get your post indexed in minutes, there venues are ideal for promoting your site, I believe you should see for yourself, for instance, Vehicle First Aid Kit , quality content, nice presentation, indexed by google, this article is a good example of article marketing. 

Last but not least, we have hot social media now, no one can afford to not using them. One thing you can do for your blogs is to install twitter tools, then go ahead register a new twitter account and app, set up API credentials in your twitter tools option, then make sure every new post will post a new tweet, it’s real easy and useful, it’s a big loss if you don’t use this tool.

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Chinese ink painting 3D animation

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

chinese painting ink Sanya, China ends of the earth ,Luhuitou Park

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Butterflies & Insects – Chinese Brush Painting Inspiration – The Chinese Arts 1

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

chinese painting brush Butterflies in Chinese Brush Painting

VCD tutorials (sort of too expensive)

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The Holy Sonnets by John Donne

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

chines painting supplies Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by David Barnes.

Duration : 0:20:55


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