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Where can I buy equipment for Chinese brush painting?

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

I recently bought a book called "Guide to Chinese brush painting" by Zheng Zhonghua and I have no idea where I can buy the resources I need such as; Xuanzhi paper, some brushes, some ink*, an inkstone, some paint trays and the "Mali" paints by Shanghai Mali Pigment. Please answer, any shops you know of on the Isle of Wight, Swindon or Cirencester or internet shops please!

*In this book they recommended "Yidege" and "Caosugong" but I have no clue where to get them.
I have "Googled" it haha

There’s a Chinese Brush Painters Society in the UK with some suppliers listed on its website, there are only a few, so there is unlikely to be anything in your area, so it looks as if you will need to order online.

The section on the website ‘getting started’ explains the different types of materials: