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Lesson 17 Water Buffalo Chinese Brush Painting with Henry Li(Intro)

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

chinese painting brush 5-Day Live Workshop:
Online Class:

Water buffalo is known as the Living Tractor of the East, as a family member of the farmers. Painting water buffalo is a nostalgic response to the industrialization and urbanization. This class is focused on the water buffaloes in the water. First, you will enjoy watching me doing a “mother, father and child” buffalo painting on a huge piece of Xuan paper; then, I will demonstrate how to paint this benevolent animal on smaller rice paper step by step in spontenous style. Classroom activities including sharing information and images about water buffalo, discussion of water buffalo painting techniques by different masters. Assignment: create a poetic water buffalo painting with the theme of “hard working and true relaxation.”

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Duration : 0:7:41


How to paint the chin on a cascade pro7 helmet

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

chines painting supplies **I would actually wait more than a day for the first layer (primer which is white) to dry then put on the second coat (what ever color you want)

How to paint a pro7 chin using simple supplies you can get from home depot or any hardware store.

Duration : 0:2:3