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DingDingTV-Chinese Ink Painting: Innovation in America by Michael Sullivan, Hau Pei-Jen

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


Speaker : Donovan Michael Sullivan &
Pei-Jen Hau

Donovan Michael Sullivan (born 1916)[1] is a British art historian and one of the major Western pioneers in the field of modern Chinese art history and criticism.
Sullivan is a graduate of Rugby School and graduated from the University of Cambridge in architecture in 1939. He was in China from 1940–1946 with the International and Chinese Red Cross followed by teaching and doing museum work in Chengdu, where he met and married Wu Huan (Khoan), a biologist who gave up her career to work with him.
He received a PhD from Harvard University (1952) and a post-doctoral Bollingen Fellowship. He subsequently taught in the University of Singapore, and returned to London in the 1960s to teach at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Then he became Head of the Department of Oriental Art at the Stanford University from 1966 to 1984, before settling in the University of Oxford as a Fellow by Special Election at St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

Paul Pei-Jen Hau was born in China in 1917. He studied calligraphy, poetry and painting under the Chinese masters Huang Bin-Hong and Zheng Shi-Quan. He was educated at the National University in Beijing and at Kyushu Imperial University in Japan. He has exhibited internationally and is an author and scholar as well as an artist. He has published three novels, a history of sociology and a text on the principles of Chinese Art. In addition, a book has recently been published of the artist’s works in China. He has exhibited at the China Art Gallery, Beijing: Nanjing Museum: Anhui Museum, Hefei, China, Deyoung Museum, San Francisco, and the San Jose Museum. He has taught Chinese Brush Painting in Palo Alto since 1957 and is an Honorary Professor of TianJin Institute of Art in TianJin, China.

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Chinese brush painting basics – gold fish

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

The video demonstrates how to paint gold fishes using Chinese brush.

Duration : 0:7:37


Watch a Chinese Calligraphy Master write

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

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Watch how this Chinese Calligraphy Master performs the true Art of Calligraphy Writing

Duration : 0:1:12


What is the best Chinese ink brush set you can buy? And why?

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Looking for high quality Chinese ink, and Chinese ink brushes for ink paintings. I have done an ink painting in years.

一得阁 is a famous ink.
the brushes usually are all good.I used a very cheap brush (less than 1 dollar) many years ago to win a silver prize in an competition.the brushes made from HuZhou (湖州) Zhejiang Province is famous.
Just buy them without choosing,a good handwriting or painting depends more on your skills.