Big Ship – Emma Maersk, Wal-Mart gets its stuff from China

chines painting supplies This big ship the Emma Maersk will hold 15,000 containers and has a 207′ beam and is 1,302′ long! That 207′ beam means it was NOT designed for the Panama or Suez Canal. It is strictly transpacific. more…The cruise speed: 31 knots means the goods arrive 4 days before the typical container ship (18-20 knots) on a China-to-California run. Made in Denmark.
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25 Responses to “Big Ship – Emma Maersk, Wal-Mart gets its stuff from China”

  1. ayamemousy says:

    the music made me …
    the music made me think of shamu

  2. PakNgahAwang says:

    This is BMFC = Big …
    This is BMFC = Big Matha Fucka Container

  3. Gh0str1d3r1973 says:

    I wonder if there …
    I wonder if there even is a crane in the US that could handle the PS-class… :oD

  4. WishesNeverComeTrue says:


  5. mrstuperstefan says:

    @robert3302 …
    @robert3302 Hahahahahaha! Excellent.

  6. svd4evr says:

    The owner is still …
    The owner is still alive at 94 years of age…

  7. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @RetSquid i just …
    @RetSquid i just asked because i have absolutely nothing against any race.
    i dont have to park there.
    its not a small and cramped town
    yeah the hottnes is fine
    norfolk sucks too, just for some much ships cramped there

  8. RetSquid says:



    Cool, pull the race card, are you a racist or just massively insecure about something? Maybe it sucks because there is no parking on base. Maybe it sucks because it so small and cramped, maybe just because it’s hot. Maybe it sucks just because it’s a dirty, crappy town.

  9. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @RetSquid im going …
    @RetSquid im going to squeeze YOUR nuts
    and why do you think san diego is not a nice place?
    ´cause of hispanics?

  10. RetSquid says:



    Yep, you are truely nuts. Especially if you think San Dog is a nice place….

  11. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @RetSquid hm lets …
    @RetSquid hm lets think, maybe it was blown into the air by us military,
    i the people didnt see more then a tiny dropplet of oil from irak its all used to fuel your military

  12. RetSquid says:



    If we got all this oil for free, where is the gas and oil?

  13. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @RetSquid free gas …
    @RetSquid free gas? who talked about free gas?
    clear your mind from propaganda, dumbass
    you dont want to know how much money that war in irak has costed,and costs on till now, to over 200 million working people in the us,

    free gas, that was the best joke i heard today

  14. RetSquid says:



    Right, THAT’s way we are all having free gas, because of all the oil we took, right?

    Go back to guessing stuff wrong…oh wait…you never left…

  15. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @RetSquid theyßve …
    @RetSquid theyßve caused trouble for other countries and for their own people just because your lovely W. Bush started a very costfull war just to get a few dropps of oil

  16. RetSquid says:



    Yep, lots of trouble, mostly for Germany, Japan, and Italy in WWII.

  17. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @RetSquid in some …
    @RetSquid in some ways yes, but they´ve caused more trubble then they´ve solved out

  18. RetSquid says:



    I don’t know how you got this far either. Chances are the U.S. military is keeping you safe in some way or other.

  19. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @RetSquid sorry but …
    @RetSquid sorry but i´ve not been yet to norfolk
    but like i said b before i started talking here about TRADING SEAPORTS!!!
    i just compared it too something i´ve seen.
    but if it anoyes you, if i say that S.D. naval base is more beautiful then the all-messed-up base in norfolk were my friend always met drunk marine officers, then my friend, it´s time to think about HOW MUCH money the us is pumping into their military EVERY DAY,
    just think about it
    i even dont know how i got this far!!!!

  20. RetSquid says:



    San Diego is smaller than Norfolk, quite a bit smaller. I’ve been to both, multiple times, S.D. is tiny if you ever get to see Norfolk.

  21. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @RetSquid S.D. has …
    @RetSquid S.D. has no airbase? when did you actualize your informations?
    ok the county has no airbase but there is a PRETTY big one inside the country (not farer then 10 miles away) and S.D. has surrely much more to do then norfolk.
    and i started to talk here not about naval bases but trading seaports

  22. RetSquid says:



    Naval Station Norfolk is the largest Naval base in the world, supporting 75 ships alongside 14 piers and 134 aircraft and 11 aircraft hangars, base population is 82,896 active duty; 112,000 family members; 29,137 civilians.

    San Diego has 54 ships and 13 piers, (no airbase) base population is 20,000 military personnel and 6,000 civilians.

  23. itsnotfunnyHAHA says:

    @robert3302 its …
    @robert3302 its even bigger than the port in singapoore
    but i think the San Diego USN Base is big too (i´ve been there and i can tell you that NO Naval Base is bigger the the one in S.D.) ;)

  24. robert3302 says:

    “The EMMA MÆRSK, an …
    “The EMMA MÆRSK, an PS-type vessel and one of the largest container vessels in the world, is capable of carrying 14,770 TEU, has an overall length of 397 metres and a width of 56 metres.” (from Maersk site). 56 meters (or metres) is 183 feet, not 207. The Suez canal at its narrowest is 60 meters. This ship goes from Europe to Asia thru the Suez canal and back. It has never been to America. It has nothing to do with Walmart. Otherwise, a good video, good pictures and nice music.

  25. robert3302 says:

    @itsnotfunnyHAHA …
    @itsnotfunnyHAHA Rotterdam Europort is the biggest seaport in Europe. It is bigger than any seaport in the US (including the “big apple”).

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