Chrysanthemum Flower Painting Tutorial (1/2)

chines painting supplies How to paint chrysanthemum in traditional Chinese painting. For Chinese painting supplies please visit or eBay store

Duration : 0:10:42

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9 Responses to “Chrysanthemum Flower Painting Tutorial (1/2)”

  1. Salfordian35 says:

    I have subscribed …
    I have subscribed and already ordered 7 piston brushes from your ebay store. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  2. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your interest. I have been uploading at least one new video every week in average in 2010. Please subscribe to my chanel so you will get a notice from YouTube whenever a new video is added. Also please visit my online store to get Chinese painting supplies. I am sure you will enjoy the first-hand approach to Chinese painting when you start to learn how to do it yourself.

  3. Salfordian35 says:

    Chinese painting …
    Chinese painting is elegant and beautiful, I would love to learn how to do it, please upload more ‘how to’ videos when you can.. Thank You…

  4. realeuroart says:

    When are you going …
    When are you going to upload more videos?

  5. dipchips says:

    Very edjucational …
    Very edjucational indeed. Aren’t the strokes the so called nail / mouse tail stroke or same as calligraphy kind of strokes ? for the Chrysantium.

  6. Idna78 says:

    Really beautiful! …
    Really beautiful! Thank you!

  7. sprayart94 says:


  8. xxroland51xx says:

    thank you
    thank you

  9. nobodyhavethisname says:


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