Learn about basic Chinese cooking equipment – wok, ladle

chines painting supplies Learn some of the fundamental uses of Chinese cooking equipment. Take a look at the Chinese Cooking packages that come with the cooking video, instructional guide, and Chinese ingredients at www.WokFusion.com.

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25 Responses to “Learn about basic Chinese cooking equipment – wok, ladle”

  1. GMC750 says:

    What are Woks for? …
    What are Woks for?
    Throwing at Wabbits….
    I’ll get my coat…

  2. angelinajoanie says:

    This video is great …
    This video is great. Very useful information.

  3. MattyMatt761 says:

    they come with a …
    they come with a laquer finish on them that can be a pain to get off. you have to get that laquer finish off first, and then you’ll be able to season it. however, it probably won’t turn out looking like the one in this vid. it took me two days to get that stupid finish off, after that was able to season it properly.

  4. Thorralf83 says:

    I am looking for a …
    I am looking for a bole (log, stem, lock of tree) to cut my ingrediances with a cleaver on top of it. I am very confused that after half an hour of searching I can’t find any trader. Maybe it will helps if i would know the original chinese name of it, for typing it into google or asking in my local asia supermarket for it. Is there anyone who knows the chinese name of such a 20 – 30 cm thick stem?

  5. wokfusion says:

    It is ok to replace …
    It is ok to replace the 12″ wok with a 15″ inch. It would require more time to heat a larger wok, and the larger wok is good for a large family that needs to cook more food for a dish. As you mentioned, it would stop more of the splattering. Again, you can work with different sizes to best suit your needs.

  6. wokfusion says:

    The ladle and/or …
    The ladle and/or spatula can be used. When ladle and spatula it is used together to dish out food from your wok to the plate. If you feel more comfortable using the ladle, then you can do so. The ladle allows you to scoop things around the wok. I think that you can flip food in the wok quicker with a spatula since it has more surface area to toss the food around. The flat side of the ladle has less surface area to quick toss and mix the food quickly. Again, this is personal preference.

  7. fonzerelli83 says:

    why would you want …
    why would you want to paint your wok? A wok doesn’t rust if is used and cleaned regularly, the cooking ability is enhanced by the patina that it forms from continually using the wok (the patina acts as a natural teflon and is black so it also absorbs greater amounts of infrared) I have worked with many chefs who use woks regularly and I have never heard they paint their woks. The tip is not is harmful; even if someone manages to find a nontoxic paint, it will affect the flavor of your food.

  8. laratta says:

    How do you treat …
    How do you treat it? Please explain. Thank you so much for the tip.

  9. nanba25 says:

    the same here : I …
    the same here : I received, as a Xmas gift, exactly the same flat bottom wok as in the video, never would turn blueish. Instead, it turned and stayed like brown splashed

  10. boobtuber06 says:

    That is one thick …
    That is one thick Cantonese accent!

  11. CorpusChristi83 says:

    I have that same …
    I have that same cleaver! I got it in Chinatown in Brooklyn. I’ve had it for like, 8 years, its a perfect and basically indestructable cleaver. I’ve even chopped down small trees in my backyard with it, washed it, and then cut veggies wiht it 1-2-3/

  12. CorpusChristi83 says:

    what you do is rub …
    what you do is rub oil into the pan, and cook it and cook it and cook it, and keep slowly adding oil, and keep cooking and cooking and cooking, and adding more oil and adding more oil until the oil burns into the pan and creates a blueish black seasoning, or “patina” which is basically a carbon steel non-stick coating. This is only necessary with carbon steel woks. it addes authentic flavors and almost a bbq effect if you will.

  13. ZenannM says:

    You lost me at the …
    You lost me at the conditioning part..how did the pan become black/blue?

  14. dan1427 says:

    I’m surprised to …
    I’m surprised to see that there’s not a single mention about the most important component of Chinese cooking equipment- the heat generator. If wan to make Shanghai noodles for instance on your electric kitchen range then you could as well use an Italian recipe for pasta and whatever else because you’ll never get the wok hey flavor. And forget about teflon skillets!

  15. wokfusion says:

    You probably need …
    You probably need to be careful on the type of paint used since there are toxins or toxic elements that may give off into the air. It could absorb into the food and make it unhealthy to eat food with these toxins.

  16. wokfusion says:

    The purpose of the …
    The purpose of the chopsticks is to control and even distribute the cooking of the food. Chopsticks do not conduct heat since these particular one are made out of wood. The spoon or other metal conducts heat and makes it hot on your fingers and hands. This is the reason to use the chopsticks instead of a spoon.

  17. TheVegascook says:

    Heat up the wok …
    Heat up the wok till the inside turns black. Let it cool down completely. Then wash and scrub the inside of the wok with Bar keepers friend. After doing that a couple of times, the burnt lacquer comes off and the carbon steel will show. Then seasoned it on high heat like the video. Voila, the metal inside of the wok will turned blue . BTW, make sure you wash all the cleaner off completely before you season (Can tell if you wipe the inside with a napkin while your drying the wok over heat)

  18. oishitomoro says:

    lmao i screamed and …
    lmao i screamed and ran away..

  19. kinstar says:

    yh thoese are like …
    yh thoese are like the best woks to get there just so kl and epic eh lol

  20. MiSTAAAHMEK says:

    no what you need to …
    no what you need to do is get common sense, because the wok is an object and they are NOT alive, in case you did not know =].

  21. admrn95 says:

    Unfortunately I …
    Unfortunately I don’t have a wok stove. I tried to season my flat 14 inch carbon steel wok that i bought from wal-mart on top of my gas range on high but it only turned yellow brown
    not blue/black as I expected. What should I do?

  22. anonymouspas says:

    The wok is an …
    The wok is an inanimate object. You are the living being with the brain. Guess who’s fault it is you almost got burned?

  23. oishitomoro says:

    omg I was …
    omg I was seasoning my cast iron wok the other day and I heated it really high then added oil. AND THE OIL CAUGHT ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg it almost hit my face. WOK. THE WOK NEEDS TO GET BROKE.

  24. furianfire says:

    Been thinking about …
    Been thinking about getting a wok, was not sure what kind to get but these informative videos have helped, thank you

  25. nvmee8 says:

    okay i just got a …
    okay i just got a wok and i was cleaning it and some black sfuff was coming out of it is that normal??? i dont know anything about woks i just got it as a gift and wanted to use it so i was washing it….all this black stuff was coming out of it…did I ruin it?

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