Li Shu 隸書 Chinese Calligraphy Sample Characters: 雄用魯

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About Chinese calligraphy clerical style

Sample characters:
雄 male
用 use
魯 a Chinese surname Lu

Most Li Shu masterpieces we use to practice copying were carved onto stone tablets or steles. We call Chinese calligraphy on the steles the Stele School ( 碑學 ). When practicing calligraphy of the Stele School, we may vibrate the brush very lightly to mimic the carving effects of the strokes and to give them blood, bone, liveliness, depth, and various nuances. When practicing the calligraphy of the Stele School, the writing speeds need to be slower – usually the slower the better or depending on the absorbency of ink by the paper – but not stagnation.

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