OAS Chinese Calligraphy lesson 1

chines painting supplies OAS chinese calligraphy lesson 1
in this video we focus on the bone stroke

Duration : 0:3:38

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  1. lockheed123 says:

    Japanese characters …
    Japanese characters and styles originated from the Chinese. In fact, they more or less preserve and practice the main Chinese styles and methods.

  2. Lebnaaan says:


  3. David Barragan says:

    Me gusta mucho, …
    Me gusta mucho, espero aprender más

  4. firebug47 says:

    Very nice, simple …
    Very nice, simple explanation and demonstration. I will follow the others and practice a lot. I will look to see if I can find OAS supplies online.

  5. Warba98 says:

    Great tutorial! I’m …
    Great tutorial! I’m getting obsessed by Chinese stuff…

  6. nolagirl7 says:

    我喜欢:)你可不可以写 康?
    我喜欢:)你可不可以写 康?

  7. DJDidlysquad says:

    Ni how how can I …
    Ni how how can I cook egg fried rice o wo tong soup with a egg roll. O fie fo to dala ….

  8. Piggy Guan says:

    冬(winter) and 龙( …
    冬(winter) and 龙(dragon)

  9. katsphws says:

    please write the …
    please write the character WINTER and DRAGON

  10. manucodefeather says:

    The writing style …
    The writing style looks Japanese rather than Chinese

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