Plum Blossom Chinese Painting Tutorial (2 of 5)

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Duration : 0:9:56

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25 Responses to “Plum Blossom Chinese Painting Tutorial (2 of 5)”

  1. yerhmgirl says:

    Nice painting …
    Nice painting there :)

  2. lizchann says:

    Stunning work, I’m …
    Stunning work, I’m amazed.

  3. 2ndchanceinlife says:

    watching your vids …
    watching your vids today, makes me want to learn how to paint like you

  4. NoMoreCensorship says:

    Simple and …
    Simple and beautiful, thank you for the video.

  5. kukunu says:

    Henry I loved …
    Henry I loved watching this and listening to your beautiful voice and directions. thanks a lot.. such a beautiful way . and a wonderful image… so simple yet perfect.. love this genre of art making .. best wishes.. wonderful!!!

  6. bytonynguyen says:


  7. Salfordian35 says:

    I enjoy all you …
    I enjoy all you videos Henry, you have inspired me to try to learn Chinese brush painting.. Thank you

  8. deze70 says:

    A pleasure to watch …
    A pleasure to watch, great talent

  9. CookieMonstuhx3 says:

    my uncle is an …
    my uncle is an artist and he does all sorts of chinese water colour paintings. :) he gave me a brush, ink, paint, and rice paper. im still learning, but i love it! :) your videos will now be my inspirations :D

  10. YourPapiChulo73 says:

    wonderfull i love …
    wonderfull i love the smooth design…great work partner

  11. ATSaimon says:


  12. vickm01 says:

    Amazing! I love …
    Amazing! I love it!

  13. bakaAnnsan101 says:

    Chinese art is …
    Chinese art is truly beautiful….NO TOP COMMENT?!??! heres my chance…….THUMBS UP 4 ASAIN TALENT! but…..yeah

  14. BrazoDelDiablo says:

    you bring peace to …
    you bring peace to my soul

  15. bakaAnnsan101 says:

    ::cry:: really? you …
    ::cry:: really? you think so?…….but its true..

  16. iceykrim14 says:

    omg you are too …
    omg you are too awesome

  17. Lauxizzle says:


  18. Sima285 says:

    hmmmmm fantasy .. …
    hmmmmm fantasy ..really nice. 

  19. tattooninja says:

    not moth…..moss.. …
    not moth…..moss….as in moss growing on the tree.

  20. el7km says:

    thats really really …
    thats really really good, thank you so much plz uplaod some more

  21. lilianamaya says:

    Beautiful video!… …
    Beautiful video!……5*

  22. NingasKugon09 says:

    this is so nice… …
    this is so nice… the scene’s so calming…thank you for showing us, you made it look easy but we know it needs an experienced artist / master to create beutiful brush painting like this…

  23. darkflame275 says:

    i love your videos …
    i love your videos i’ll be waching them frequently and rapidly so plz do make more! i love all your videos and i favor the bird  the only thing is i would love it if you made more colored pictures onles that have pure colr instead of black mixed in every color like your peony keep uploading love ur videas and im keep on going to watch!

  24. coolegirlie1 says:

    omg love everything …
    omg love everything of china!!!!
    it really is a beautifull paint
    love it
    it inspirates me

  25. tutusgram says:

    They are moss dots, …
    They are moss dots, to indicate that the main branch is old. These are also frequently used in Chinese painting as an accent or to break up a space. I agree, this is an excellent video of a lovely painting.

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