“Plum Wife and Crane Son” – an interesting subject matter in traditional Chinese painting

chines painting supplies Lin Bu is a real Taoist hermit and a talented poet in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). He never got married all his life. He took plum blossom as his wife and considered cran his son. Except composing poems and paintings, he spent all his spare time planting plum trees and raising crans in Gu Shan (Solitary Hill), situated at the northwestern corner of the West Lake, Shangzhou.

Memium: sumi and watercolor on semi-sized Xuan rice paper with piston-filler waterbrush.
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3 Responses to ““Plum Wife and Crane Son” – an interesting subject matter in traditional Chinese painting”

  1. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you! Sure, I …
    Thank you! Sure, I will have it drymounted and shows the process again on Youtube. Thank you for asking!

  2. irangel1958 says:

    truly beautiful, …
    truly beautiful, I’ve been following your videos from the start and I am always amazed at the magic you create in the moment.
    thank you for continuing to post these wonderful videos
    will you be dry mounting this on youtube?

  3. Alicardcho123 says:

    thats really cool

    thats really cool
    lol first comment

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