Sumi-e painting of purple cherry blossoms in the moon light (10.6.11)

chines painting supplies My wife said that “you can’t really appreciate the art of Sumi-e till you watch someone paint”. So I put this video together to share one of my paintings with you, i hope you enjoy it; it’s the first video of me painting. My calligraphy needs more work, but its supposed to be the Chinese representation of my name “Manuel”, and my stamp means “Life Goes On”, in honor of my late father.

Duration : 0:23:11

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  1. LoLoUllork says:

    Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much everyone, I’m actually still learning but i practice every chance i get… Check out Blue Heron Arts both on YouTube and on eBay, great prices fast service and inspiring videos… I buy all my supplies from him. “Happy Painting”

  2. Jerrod Hipkin says:

    is the purple ink?
    is the purple ink?

  3. Jerrod Hipkin says:

    how are you loading …
    how are you loading your brush?

  4. Kamisoyokaze says:

    this is beautiful! …
    this is beautiful! I need to find a good quality brush of that size in the uk, but its hard….

  5. adlide says:

    Really good
    Really good

  6. adlide says:

    How long did it …
    How long did it take for you to learn how to paint like that?

  7. LoLoUllork says:

    also I’m still …
    also I’m still practicing and my speed can be a little faster….LOL

  8. 87CANDYBLUEBOX says:

    Si muy lindo , …
    Si muy lindo ,increible como haces las flores,realmente hermoso

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