Tabby Cat and Roses in Sumi-e Chinese Brush Painting

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Duration : 0:10:1

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20 Responses to “Tabby Cat and Roses in Sumi-e Chinese Brush Painting”

  1. lanemays513 says:

    Your video is …
    Your video is popular on Bangkok

  2. llenbridges11a says:

    This video went …
    This video went viral on Maldives

  3. llenbridges11a says:

    This video went …
    This video went viral on Maldives

  4. cometmoon says:

    boy, I’ve got a …
    boy, I’ve got a long way to go til i could even come close to that! Keep it up!

  5. geoffreyskitten says:

    i love this cat so …
    i love this cat so much i bought on ebay last year lol its hanging over my bed it inspires me to want to paint like you do ,and im learning now how to do it, love your videos and im going to be busy for the next few weeks watching them all .

  6. wesag982 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! YOU ARE …
    OMG!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SOOOO GOOOD!!!! IM IMPRESSED!! U ARE LIKE 10 OR LIKE 5 TIMES BETTER THEN ME!! even im good at drwing but theat is GOOD!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
     ( ps im wesags lil sister)

  7. shuya13 says:

    really excellent …
    really excellent work plz keep posting your videos, a pleasure to watch, thank you

  8. tebacile says:

    Beautiful art! You …
    Beautiful art! You are a very talented artist.

  9. tebacile says:

    This is a really …
    This is a really beautiful art! Western culture has a lot to learn about chinese painting. Congratulations

  10. bonsaiserenety says:

    Thank You! Great …
    Thank You! Great Work. Very generous of you to share this videos thank you again.

  11. blueheronarts says:

    I bought from a …
    I bought from a online art supply store. To be honest, the synthetic bristle is more difficult to use than traditional natural hair.

  12. bonsaiserenety says:

    where did you get …
    where did you get that clear brush you use. You do great work with it. It seem very versatile

  13. blueheronarts says:

    Well, in this …
    Well, in this specific video clip, it was the real speed shown. I usually takes 10 minutes or ten years to paint like that.;-)Thank you for your question.

  14. xCrestfallen says:

    Were you really …
    Were you really painting that fast or did you edit the video to be sped up?

  15. xCrestfallen says:

    Your painting is …
    Your painting is pretty. =)

  16. jamowa says:

    Great cat. I am …
    Great cat. I am studying Chinese brush painting in GA. I’m trying to paint my cat and this lesson is helpful. Will you do more cats? Thanks

  17. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your comments about “around an object.” The ancient Yin and Yang idea is the core. It is difficult yet very enjoyable painting, isn’t it? Just loosening up and learn how to work with “mistakes” or accidental effects. I wish you have lots of fun!

  18. bearguySF says:

    I’m an Italian guy …
    I’m an Italian guy in San Francisco. I took a class in Chinese brush painting, & it was fascinating and difficult. I’m used to painting in every detail, yet you paint “around an object” to make it appear, like the ears! Amazing.

  19. blueheronarts says:

    I use easel when I …
    I use easel when I teach so students can see better in a classroom setting. The paper waights are magnets, otherwise I have to use clips. I use a felt pad behind the paper.

  20. OckGal says:

    Aw, Cappy! So …
    Aw, Cappy! So adorable! Kitty cat looks sad. The flower you did at 5:15 looked like a little seahorse until you added to it.

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