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Li Qing was born on 1981 in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, China. He is a graduate student at China Academy of Art and one of the representatives of this new generation. Over the last few years his art has been included many important exhibitions and rewarded several grants and awards, due to his excellence of performance – the mastery of refined and personal technique, the wide social concerns, and the appropriate representation. Executed in the very traditional medium of oil on canvas, the generally mid-size paintings are usually paired pictures.

In Li Qing’s work juxtaposition usually occurs between two similar subject matters or scenes but in difference chronologically. The tension or relation between the two is usually the resource of concept of the work. In China’s art scene the juxtaposition of old and new, which reflects the remarkable social transition taking place over the last three decades, was/is popular. As the method exactly reflects the current identity of Chinese people who are surrounded by consistent remarkable transitions in a territory where old and new are mixed. The pairs of picture are seemingly the successive snapshots capturing the two moments of a seemingly consecutive event, a body, a face, a place, an object, or a person. There is very little difference between the two pictures at first sight, and there are several minor distinctions between two upon a careful scrutiny.

Li Qing is making a simple and easily accessible visual world where audience may exchange idea and share a common feeling. Many of the prototypes of contemporary Chinese art were heavy in their subject matter in order to express artists’ negative attitude towards the current corruptive system. Li Qing successfully presents a magic pictorial series of contemporary Chinese art. Simultaneously, psychological complexity toward the remarkable social transitions of China is easily understood. His art is a visual game but entwined with social information that reflects the vicissitudes of the society. The subject matter is ordinary, and unnoticed, some are like news photo for a propaganda purpose. He presents a picture that combine with images and reality. Grand rhetoric and heavy theme are non-exist. Li Qing is more interested with an ordinary scene that affects our perception to the world. Li Qing is a great practitioner of oil painter. With his bold brush stroke, exact impasto, and, he smartly turns the visual games and subject matter into his own painterly game, a pictorial world that reflects changing reality.



• See the luck when raise head, Hangzhou 2006 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hangzhou, China See the luck when open the door, Wuxi Contemporary Art Exhibition tour, Wuxi, China

• Body on the Site, The Third Beijing International Gallery Exposition,Beijing, China

• Tu Hongtao, Li Qing two persons’ show, Line Gallery, Yan Huang Museum,Beijing,china

• 10+10, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China Chinese contemporary Paintings, Nanjing Square Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nanjing, China.


• Double reading photography exhibition, Hangzhou, China

• Let some ideas be seen, Modern art gallery of Art Academy of Hangzhou Teachers University, Hangzhou, China

• The spring of Vizcaya exhibition of paintings and sculptures of Chinese and French artists, Shanghai, China

• Archaeology of the Future, the second triennial of Chinese art, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China

• Rule-Possible young artists exhibition, Zhejiang exhibition centre,Hangzhhou, China

• First China Green Exhibition Exploration, Ag-Art Loft, Hangzhou,China Young Chinese Contemporary Art, Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria

• 2005 Zhejiang Oil-painting exhibition & awarded the Gold Prize, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo, China

• It’s true, The Artistic Island, Beijing, China


• Concrete, Hangzhou, China

• Art Shanghai 2004-Exhibition of works of young artists in China Academy of Art, International exhibition centre, Shanghai, China

• Layer after layer contemporary painting in Shanghai in Zhejiang art exhibition, Zhejiang exhibition centre, Hangzhou, China


• Do we need to rebuild a Leifeng Tower? China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

Awarded Wu Fuzhi Prize


Li Qing is among those group younger artists. Their emergence in the art scene will be symbolic to Chinese art world and the entire society at large. For the artist his visual game is perhaps a play of pigment and stroke, but his audience there is something significant behind the game.

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If you want any information about Li Qing or looking for his paintings please visit us on http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/li_qing.htm


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  1. Sweet Surrender says:

    Who is good at translating Chinese to English?
    My friend attempted to translate a summary of a Chinese film from this webpage below


    Qing Dynasty is blooming during Qian Long’s Region. As eight-faced Jade “Jiang Hu” wander Hong Li has similar experience and looks alike to Qian Long, he is being selected by the Empress as the Emperor’s substitute to protect the real emperor from danger. As the fake emperor had to go on court at 5am and only sleeps after midnight, he suffered a lot and realized that the emperor’s duties aren’t suitable for a human! Seeing how Ho Kun (a high ranking official) being corrupted, twisting the truth, removing the loyal officials yet being helpless, Hong Li accidently realized about Ho Kun’s adopted daughter Qing Ting’s birth story and was in a struggle with Ho Kun ever since. The real emperor became a spy to check an unusual case underwent a lot of suffering to reveal the truth of that case. When the real and fake emperor meets up to have a better understanding of Sun Family’s case, Lotus in the moon case, fake and real empress and unsettled riots… Every time the fake emperor helps the true destined son of the heaven (aka the real emperor) with an important mission, the real emperor will meet a pretty lady and ends up in a messy flirting relationship. The amazing thing is the fake emperor’s wife – Da Mei mistook Qian Long as Hong Li and Qian Long was attracted by Da Mei’s bravery and straight forwardness – a deeply bonded relationships, how to resolve….. A true destiny of a son of heaven, a common folk, a flirting Qian Long and a highly diverse artist. When 2 dragons meet, it will be hard to decide who is and who isn’t. A highly suspense drama…

    Is his translation accurate?

  2. Kingston D says:

    Yep, its correct and the "Jiang Hu" is actually the world of martial arts or the martial world or martial area, where is totally different from the imperial world and its considered more realistic than the Imperial world. So 江湖郎中is the martial world wonder or the wonder of the martial area.
    References :

  3. Need a hug! says:

    Yes, quite nicely done. The only part that doesn’t belong in the summary is when your friend said "A true destiny of a son of heaven, a common folk, a flirting Qian Long and a highly diverse artist. When 2 dragons meet, it will be hard to decide who is and who isn’t. A highly suspense drama…"

    That part is probably your friend’s own summary.
    References :

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