Badger Hair Chinese Painting Brush

chinese painting brush Available at BHA online store at

Duration : 0:2:39

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3 Responses to “Badger Hair Chinese Painting Brush”

  1. TheBuddhaLight says:

    Dear Henry, I have …
    Dear Henry, I have a question. In this video you introduced this type of hair brush, a long time ago I bought myself a traditional Chinese painting hair brush with white hair and special type of bambboo handle. Until today I don’t know what it is used for in Chinese painting, can you tell me?

  2. blueheronarts says:

    IT sounds like a …
    IT sounds like a sheep hair brush and you can use it for painting flowers and as a washing brush in landscape.

  3. TheBuddhaLight says:

    Ah, thank you very …
    Ah, thank you very much for the reply, I now translated the Chinese writing and found out that it said “Mountain Sky”. It must be used for landscapes, as you said. I analysed the hair and compared it to sheep air, you were right! I’ll try myself on some landscape painting now. Thank you again.

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