Bamboo and Bird – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies

chinese painting brush Chinese brush artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies paints to live piano improvisations by Josh Harvey. Virginia paints with Chinese inks and silk dyes on rice paper. There is no pre-sketching and no reworking the brush strokes. Available for purchase at or

Duration : 0:9:59

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25 Responses to “Bamboo and Bird – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies”

  1. folkertino says:

    probably my 10 …
    probably my 10 best-spent minutes of today so far. thank you for sharing your inspiring talent

  2. nutsam says:

    thanks alot for …
    thanks alot for inspiration

  3. Darkness3968 says:

    great! i think this …
    great! i think this is one of the best paintings i have ever seen!

  4. Pipoctba says:

    ( ^_^ )/)< …
    ( ^_^ )/)< Beautiful!!! Bravoooo!!! Bravoooo!!! It Touch my heart so deeply!

  5. gcfanforever says:

    im sooo jealous Dx
    im sooo jealous Dx

  6. virginiald says:

    Good to hear you …
    Good to hear you got a kit and can get started. Be aware that the quality of the brush is paramount. If you have a good brush, you can paint on anything. Are you grinding your own ink on an inkstone, or are you using bottled ink? Whichever you use, it needs to be a good, strong black. You are at the beginning of an exciting adventure! Have fun!

  7. xCrazyNails says:

    really loved it.. i …
    really loved it.. i just got a kit and im not that good at all .. but in time maybe i will lol =)

  8. cybrid1940 says:

    Thank You, Virginia …
    Thank You, Virginia !
    I love the lesson -Bamboo and the Bird, just lovely!


  9. virginiald says:

    Zizi! …

    Zizi! Glad you enjoyed my video! Keep painting! Practicing is the key. – Virginia

  10. maqsizu says:

    The best teacher fo …
    The best teacher fo chinese paint !
    Thank You for sharing w/us.

  11. virginiald says:

    @melvencastelino …
    @melvencastelino Thanks for viewing it! I always ‘warm up the brush’ with bamboo when I start painting. It can be painted fast and vigorously or slow and dreamily, but underlying all the strokes must be the ‘chi’ or life force of creativity, combined with discipline of the calligraphic stroke.

  12. melvencastelino says:

    awesome ! blessing …
    awesome ! blessing to watch !

  13. Wolfslobber says:

    @virginiald Thank …
    @virginiald Thank you. I’ll go check them out!

  14. virginiald says:


    Delighted to hear you enjoyed the video. Bamboo looks great as a mural and I’m sure yours will too. If you go to my website, joyfulbrush, you will see other examples of bamboo paintings. You might also like my friend Michael Kopald’s site: kopaldart. He specializes in bamboo.

  15. Wolfslobber says:

    Simply wonderful. I …
    Simply wonderful. I would love to learn how to do this. I was looking around for images of bamboo, and I fell upon this beauty. I’m drawing bamboo on my bedroom wall. I hope mine turn out a quarter as good as yours. Wonderful job!

  16. melvencastelino says:

    dont know which is …
    dont know which is better – the bamboo or the bird ? splendid !

  17. antonino00 says:

    wow. simply amazing …
    wow. simply amazing!

  18. melvencastelino says:

    awesome work ! god …
    awesome work ! god bless your talent !

  19. virginiald says:

    @artistamaier The …
    @artistamaier The key is always to keep practicing. It took me years to master birds. Don’t worry about selling or exhibiting; just enjoy what you are doing. You can see more of my birds on my website.

  20. artistamaier says:

    such beauty, i love …
    such beauty, i love your bird so much i have been trying my hand at this for about a year, wish i had a dif cam to show others how, but im to nervouse, art shows first i guess but not for sale, its hard to sperate yourselve from them when thier was so much joy doing them, great piano music as well, i brush but love the oriental flute instead. ty so very much!

  21. AnnoyingLittleShit says:

    this is actually …
    this is actually so cool. I love this style of painting.

  22. virginiald says:

    I’m not sure what …
    I’m not sure what you mean by 4, 3, 2 leaves. There are many different patterns for bamboo leaves. The one I am using mostly in this video is ‘flying swallow’. Fish tail is 2 or 4 leaves, goldfish tail is 3 leaves. The important thing is achieving harmony of style.

  23. fan704 says:

    Why do you paint 5 …
    Why do you paint 5 leaves instead of 4, 3, 2, the traditional way?
    Is it your own style?

  24. virginiald says:

    @ukforever1000 Wow, …
    @ukforever1000 Wow, thanks for the accolade! I’ll be in China in September, watching other master artists perform. It is always exciting for me, to see other painters interpret this style.

  25. ukforever1000 says:

    You are the …
    You are the greatest artist i have ever seen.

     greeting from Hong Kong, China

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