Brushes, difference between calligraphy and painting brush

chinese painting brush Calligraphy brush are doubling the price of painting brush

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22 Responses to “Brushes, difference between calligraphy and painting brush”

  1. yanghaiying says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for noticing.

  2. bcsnakeeyes says:

    man the level of …
    man the level of lighting in you first videos arnt as good as your new ones, im glad you changed your camera for newer videos.

  3. yanghaiying says:

    It depends on the …
    It depends on the user preference. Some like wolf, some like goat, some rabbit, badger, etc. From my experience, I suggest wolf for beginner.

  4. souljourney says:

    what hair is …
    what hair is usually used for a calligraphy brush?

  5. musicisartification says:

    i wish i could be …
    i wish i could be taught by you.

  6. yanghaiying says:

    Experience and …
    Experience and knowledge. If not yet acquired yet, buy expensive ones. 

  7. TestedElk4 says:

    what I need to see …
    what I need to see when I buy a Brush? 谢谢

  8. AudaciousGemini says:


  9. yanghaiying says:

    Everything can have …
    Everything can have quality product and cheap substitute. Can you let me know where you buy it and price level? I also bought some cheap paper and worked exactly as you described. Now I do not buy them any more. I use recycle paper for practice and good paper for work. The paper I use is called 宣纸, Chinese painting paper, Xuan paper.

  10. AudaciousGemini says:

    I have a question. …
    I have a question. What kind of paper do you use for calligraphy? I have this so called “calligraphy” paper (feels like tissue paper) that absorbs water. It’s annoying! The paper wrinkles when I write on it with the ink made for calligraphy. I see the paper you have doesn’t absorb water or the ink so that it wrinkles. Can you tell me the name or is it regular printer paper?

  11. migencluz says:

    When I dip my brush …
    When I dip my brush in colored fluid, the color stays there. Is it a bad brush? Could I still make good calligraphy?

  12. lilcupcake56 says:

    I love how you …
    I love how you interpret your emotions with brushes, it shows how well and how much spirit you have for painting.

  13. librielle says:

    Thanks for all …
    Thanks for all your Knowledges : )

  14. JasminePulse says:

    Yeah, and i saw the …
    Yeah, and i saw the other video of yours. It was sooo helpful because i learned that the brush should absorb moderate ink to be able to stand straight. Thank you for your videos. Today i’ve done some painting, but they aren’t so good so far. =)

  15. yanghaiying says:

    I guess you pressed …
    I guess you pressed too strong. Try with lighter hand. Thank you.

  16. JasminePulse says:

    I love your videos. …
    I love your videos.
    my brush shaped like half moon when i press it on paper. Whenever i draw with it, i have to shape it with water again.
    I can’t draw leaves with it. =(

    Any tips ?

  17. yanghaiying says:

    Practice. I will …
    Practice. I will do a video to explain you in detail.

  18. Shakamuni says:

    Dear YangHaiYing:

    Dear YangHaiYing:

    Or my brushes are very poor in quality, or I am too bad at it :( My strokes usually doesn’t look nice, on the contrary, too thick although using a thin brush…

    Some advice? XIèxie nǐ!

  19. saadhamza1 says:

    i was looking at …
    i was looking at the calligraphy pens, and i bought one. it doesnt do stuff like go from a think to a thin line. its all really just thin. i think a calligraphy pen is for other types of calligraphy

  20. yanghaiying says:

    1. Yes.
    2. I …

    1. Yes.
    2. I discuss this matter with many calligraphers and painters. Each person has his own perference. It is a personal matter.

  21. saadhamza1 says:

    i have 2 questions. …
    i have 2 questions.
    1. could you use a paint brush for calligraphy?
    2. what is the difference between a calligraphy brush and a calligraphy pen?

  22. yanghaiying says:

    I use Chinese …
    I use Chinese painting color and Chinese ink. I will send you the link of my online shop. Thank you for passing by.

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