Chinese brush drawing 3D!!!

chinese painting brush This is a 3D animation about the chinese brush drawing. Well,the traditional chinese brush drawing is drawed on a paper,so it is 2D.But now,some chineses produce such an unique 3D animation.

Duration : 0:3:15

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19 Responses to “Chinese brush drawing 3D!!!”

  1. venrakkhita says:

    wonderful – truly …
    wonderful – truly grateful , Rakkhita samanera Rob Norris

  2. DuochanMaxwell says:

    Does anyone know …
    Does anyone know the name of the song backplaying in the Making Of?

  3. tokyojamez says:

    really lovely …
    really lovely style, reminds me of the James Jean Prada video, i admire your skill.

  4. Glowbrt says:

    awesome!! the …
    awesome!! the painting, the animation and the music.
    I truly enjoyed watching it
    Thank you for sharing

  5. chungdha says:

    Which program did …
    Which program did you use and is there a tutorial for this?

  6. tmsx4ever says:

    I loved it, I have …
    I loved it, I have always loved that style and now in 3D
    OMG its even better
    the best I’ve seen in that style since the game Okami

    great work all involved congrats
    I don’t care that the vid is 2 years old its still good

  7. crguzunssvvl says:

    see how a hot chick …
    see how a hot chick loses a bet and has to strip in front of her classmates <b>(_stripAss.com_)<b>

  8. abcedric says:

    Ohh, lOVED the …
    Ohh, lOVED the fishes– or is it fish still for plural?– eh, Just loved them!

  9. Stonethrower7 says:

    What is so bad …
    What is so bad about it? The renderings? The movements? The camera angles? The timing?

  10. Kigurumi68 says:

    this sucks. my …
    this sucks. my sister can do better.

  11. kungfufreddy says:

    where can i get …
    where can i get that song ? plz

  12. ShulInQ says:

    Dexter, thanks for …
    Dexter, thanks for that – your works are very professional, and whats important – so sylish! One year ago I dreamed to make some comercial in such style, but my knowledge in 3d animation and how to make it look alike 2d even at present time – a little:

  13. soporia says:

    hey nice vid… i …
    hey nice vid… i cant read the text but its a really good animation…

  14. lup0cattiv0 says:


  15. bluFlowerzl7te3n says:

    -ah, so NiCE.! ^-^ …
    -ah, so NiCE.! ^-^
    I wonder what she is saying I can barely see the text. Luv-vvvv the animation show of its 3D/2D way. XD Thanks, dexter1106 for sharing!!!!

  16. HHONK says:

    Awesome :D O.o !!! …
    Awesome :D O.o !!! o.O





  17. Tupoc4181 says:

    0.0 amazing
    0.0 amazing

  18. ifrit1780 says:

    its beautiful!
    its beautiful!

  19. soaivan says:


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