Chinese Brush Painting Basic Lesson 1:2

chinese painting brush for more info.

Duration : 0:7:50

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23 Responses to “Chinese Brush Painting Basic Lesson 1:2”

  1. MrIL00 says:

    -the very last …
    -the very last touch you did,the stamp-made the art a master piece//
    totally liked it

  2. Shizznickel says:

    Hey.. I love your …
    Hey.. I love your work! I am just starting out with a beginner set. Is there someway to practice to get like.. the feel of the brush? I feel so awkward so far and I cannot get the look you have. Does brush quality make a huge difference? I just a small beginner set so the brushes are short and simple. I figured it’d be good to start because I don’t want to put a crazy amount of money into brushes when I’m just starting. Opinions or suggestions?

  3. blueheronarts says:

    You don’t have to …
    You don’t have to mix well or evenly. It is supposed to have a gradation in load, from dark ink on the tip to clean water at heel. Again, watercolor binding medium is quite different than ink. You might not get the smooth gradtion with watercolor black. So ink is preferred. You might want to get a bottle of Chuang Hwa ink from our online store.

  4. laughingatducks says:

    Is there a correct …
    Is there a correct ratio for mixing the watercolors? when i mix them either they look too dark or too watery and never seem to mix well with my ink.

  5. blueheronarts says:

    Black watercolor is …
    Black watercolor is different than ink on rice paper but it is ok to use if you have no ink. It tends to be too sticky to brush, not flowing as much as ink. Add lots of water to dilute the watercolor may help. No use of white to get grey to keep it transparent. 

  6. freedom2minitokyo says:

    Do you have to use …
    Do you have to use ink? I’m doing a project for my adv. art class, and the art department is very poorly funded. Most likely, I won’t have access to ink, so I’m curious if its really needed, or can I just use black water color paint?

  7. blueheronarts says:

    It says “A couple …
    It says “A couple of herons standing by the water”. You may sign in English. I can help translated English name into Chinese and can also help create a personalized Chinese name chop.

  8. CocoHotpix says:

    what does the …
    what does the Chinese words say. And how should people who speak english sign their painting? Just curious.

  9. TiedGangstar says:

    give us some new …
    give us some new chinese painting demonstration please, but this one is very nice.

  10. StrategicMedia says:

    What a wonderful …
    What a wonderful lesson! Thank you. Your work is just gorgeous.

  11. blueheronarts says:

    I use a goat(soft) …
    I use a goat(soft) hair or a combination brush with goat and wolf(stiff) hair brush for the body and a wolf hair brush for the beak and the leg. You may find brushes at our online store. Thanks!

  12. amylee010190 says:


  13. amylee010190 says:

    i paint regularly. …
    i paint regularly. but for the first time, i experienced difficutly, cz i didnt hv the same BRUSH.


    kindly reply as soon as possible.

  14. faithhopelovecor1313 says:

    I am having such a …
    I am having such a difficult time without proper supplies and the instructions are just line drawings right now. Not the most exciting.

    You are methodical, calm voice and explain really well for my beginner mind.

    But I still believe it takes lots of practice to manipulate the brush the way you do.

    Thanks again!

  15. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you! I am …
    Thank you! I am glad that my videos help your study of art history. You’d better try to paint with Chinese brush and ink on rice paper(xuan paper) yourself. It is very enjoyable.

  16. faithhopelovecor1313 says:

    I really like your …
    I really like your instructional way to explain while doing. Fantastic.

    I am in first year Art History and Visual Arts, this was enormously helpful because I have never used Chinese inks and brushes and this is a requirement for second term. I learned more from this video in 7 minutes, than in 4 - 3 hour studios. Mind you we are still on straight line drawings.

    Thank you!

  17. janetkatz1 says:

    Mr. Li You are …
    Mr. Li You are wonderful. How many years of practice ?

  18. jasneskis says:

    Very nice, I try …
    Very nice, I try to learn. i wish there was explanation with this video, explaining what you do as you do it as you expain in some others.

  19. 1010marigene says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge . It’s inspiring to try Chinese painting. I’ve just started with the basics.

  20. ApesHaveNoTails says:

    good ol’ hobby …
    good ol’ hobby lobby has some.

  21. bvandusen says:

    where would I find …
    where would I find that nifty easel?

  22. Teukku says:

    I really like your …
    I really like your works!

  23. Photojefferson says:

    Nice one!!or two

    Nice one!!or two

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