Chinese plum blossom brush painting

chinese painting brush This is my first attempt at painting plum blossom and copying some text I found on another painting. I think it is Cantonese or Kanji but I could be totally wrong as I am Dutch myself and don’t read Asian languages.I appreciate it that you like it so much.

Duration : 0:1:7

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25 Responses to “Chinese plum blossom brush painting”

  1. taubangkok says:

    Niet slecht voor …
    Niet slecht voor een Hollandse huh? Thanks!

  2. AfsanehTube says:

    dit heb je …
    dit heb je verschrikkelijk goed gedaan! super talent!

  3. MyRilakkumaTeddy says:

    i love the way the …
    i love the way the branches look like >.<

    i tried it by myself but….it doesn’t look so well XD


    nice petals but yo …
    nice petals but yo know thats not the traditional way to do that tree , get out the biff and dont cheat

  5. اكرهه اكرهه says:

    Very fast but look …
    Very fast but look so gooa

  6. jeaninegirl95 says:

    Seriously, can I …
    Seriously, can I have this, so I can put it on my wall? O.o It’s beautiful!

  7. vb0793 says:

    What kind of brush …
    What kind of brush did u use to make the flowers?

  8. Constance Lallemand says:


  9. magg33 says:

    what type of paint …
    what type of paint did you use?

  10. jeaninegirl95 says:

    I will, even …
    I will, even though trees are not my strong side, tehe ^^”

  11. taubangkok says:

    Thanks. I have …
    Thanks. I have already given it away. Why don’t you give it a try yourself?

  12. taubangkok says:

    Black Chinese …
    Black Chinese traditional ink and supermarket watercolours. The text was written with plastic Japanese pencil from the supermarket. The first brush is a real Chinese brush, the second brush a cheap plastic one as the nylon is firm and I like that better. Easier for painting. The stamps are cheap plastic office stamps.

  13. khoailangchien2512 says:

    Why don’t you make …
    Why don’t you make it slower? It’s fastest so i can;’t learn

  14. magicscarfmike says:

    Chinese painting …
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  15. syd0stace says:

    So beautiful and …
    So beautiful and effortless.

  16. taubangkok says:

    Okay. Good point. I …
    Okay. Good point. I thought nobody had enough time. I will start making a series of videos on painting soon. If you subscribe to my channel, you will find out automatically.

  17. Jennifer Darius says:

    can you go slow i …
    can you go slow i can’t draw fast like you

  18. whiteXrose21 says:

    talk about easy
    talk about easy

  19. taubangkok says:

    That must be one of …
    That must be one of my cheap plastic/nylon kid brushes from the department store. Remember: you won’t paint better with expensive brushes.

  20. Emilynn Kashikoi says:

    immediately like …
    immediately like this video after 2 second

  21. rdorii says:

    so fucking …
    so fucking beautiful !!

  22. taubangkok says:

    I believe I used …
    I believe I used some cheap plastic children’s paint brushes from the supermarket. They are a bit stiffer than my expensive traditional brushes from Hong Kong and I prefer a bit stiffness to the tools I work with.

  23. getthiru says:

    what kind of paint …
    what kind of paint n brush u r using , can u pls give me a tip

  24. TheAsshhleeyy says:

    Meeh, my dad …
    Meeh, my dad wouldn’t let me do that.

  25. taubangkok says:

    Or buy my painting.
    Or buy my painting.

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