Draw Baby Panda in Chinese Brush Painting

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Explore the wet-in-wet technic in sumi-e or Chinese brush painting. Giant panda with a baby panda eating bamboo.
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Duration : 0:9:59

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25 Responses to “Draw Baby Panda in Chinese Brush Painting”

  1. FiorelaDenAdel says:

    usted es el mejor …
    usted es el mejor acuarelista que he visto mi vida
    sus dibujos son excelentes, gracias por compartir tan bellos trabajos

  2. PaulinaMei says:

    I’m still amazed at …
    I’m still amazed at how fast you painted that bamboo :O

  3. GarshGirl911 says:


  4. blueheronarts says:

    @v0lquete Thank you …
    @v0lquete Thank you and I please check my website blueheronarts com for the latest online calss info. -henry

  5. v0lquete says:

    Your pictures are …
    Your pictures are incredible. I’m a begginer painter and watching you has taught me a lot,thanks.

  6. cruton88 says:

    Very good, so …
    Very good, so talented :]

  7. ichigokurosaki117 says:

    I wish i could …
    I wish i could paint, i love the picture

  8. lastnamefang says:

    stop at 8:02 mama …
    stop at 8:02 mama panda looks kinda scary…

  9. gymgirl1234563 says:

    i love pandas and …
    i love pandas and good work on it .

  10. DeepSnowBand says:

    5 people hate pandas
    5 people hate pandas

  11. Vliel says:

    dunno how u guy …
    dunno how u guy dislike this i just dun …or is it that people just jealous?

  12. pikarin3810 says:

    That Drawing is too …
    That Drawing is too greatful!

  13. pedowife4kids says:

    Que mignon! Bien …
    Que mignon! Bien fait!

  14. Smurshes says:

    Loved it!! The …
    Loved it!! The pandas are cute. =D

  15. AniFriends says:

    Is that time lapse …
    Is that time lapse @5:59 ?

  16. greanbean101 says:


  17. bluestarfan4ever says:

    how long have you …
    how long have you been chinese brushing, because I really want to start?

  18. blueheronarts says:

    @Luckyluke133 …
    @Luckyluke133 Synthetic Water Brush with squishable barrel. You may find better waterbrush with piston filler at our online store @BlueHeronArt Com.

  19. Luckyluke133 says:

    Lovely work. What …
    Lovely work. What brush are you using for the trees? Thank you
    Miss Pookie

  20. Rockstar7653 says:

    what a awesome …
    what a awesome drawing! I love pandas! Same with my friend ^^ thx so much know i know how to draw a panda with ur skills

  21. TaintedDestiny says:

    Lovely art! you …
    Lovely art! you have inspired me dearly!

  22. ILovePandas216 says:

    Read my user it …
    Read my user it tell everything lol,

  23. ViventLeMoment says:

    Brilliant work :) …
    Brilliant work :) amazing 5/5

  24. Enterthehaven says:

    awhhhh so cute!^^
    awhhhh so cute!^^

  25. desinkata91 says:

    i love pandas …
    i love pandas AWESOME JOB

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