How to draw Orchid in Chinese brush painting or Sumi-e

chinese painting brush

Duration : 0:5:38

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16 Responses to “How to draw Orchid in Chinese brush painting or Sumi-e”

  1. sf108com says:

    It’s the quality …
    It’s the quality of the brush work.

  2. omgxitsfb says:

    what do you mean? …
    what do you mean? they’re meant to look like they’re bending/twisted so it looks good to me. how are they supposed to be painted?

  3. seniorwisdom says:

    -its not …
    -its not right or wrong in art….its upon the artist interpretation and vision…

  4. OsValentina says:

    это тебе
    это тебе

  5. AMBiE994 says:

    get over it, doesnt …
    get over it, doesnt matter its still beautiful work.

  6. missanna208 says:

    Orchids don’t have …
    Orchids don’t have the three dots (the parts on the inside of the flowers) The sex parts are all fused into one structure, but every time I see sumi orchid painting, the flowers are painted with the three dots like that. This makes me crazy. I know that sumi painting is not all representational, but this is just wrong. Like painting dog feet on people.

  7. sctrep says:

    you amaze me again …
    you amaze me again. beautiful title for a beautiful work of art

  8. bewareofzombiesadele says:

    very pretty!
    very pretty!

  9. antoninpb says:

    what are the grey …
    what are the grey thing?

  10. FuturisticXXL says:

    cymbidium orchid
    cymbidium orchid

  11. sf108com says:

    Come on! The …
    Come on! The leaves are not painted that way.

  12. cookiielove18 says:

    wow thats amaking! …
    wow thats amaking!! good job!!

  13. cuabi says:

    Hi! I’m an oriental …
    Hi! I’m an oriental arts student from Argentina and I need to know the botanical name of this orchid. Do you happen to know it?

  14. thebasketcat says:


  15. yeqiang says:

    Thank you, OckGal! …
    Thank you, OckGal! I like watching him painting too.

  16. OckGal says:

    Very nice!
    Very nice!

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