How to draw Tabby Cat in Chinese Brush Painting or Sumi-e

chinese painting brush

Duration : 0:7:55

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25 Responses to “How to draw Tabby Cat in Chinese Brush Painting or Sumi-e”

  1. XTwittyX says:

    i like the music in …
    i like the music in the backgroud, what exactly style it is? maybe someone know the name of the song? please let me know

  2. HIbleda says:

    Question, drawing …
    Question, drawing and writing uses dif hand positions?

  3. rustor84 says:

    no eyes?ot she is …
    no eyes?ot she is just asleep?)

  4. kungfupony13 says:

    Can you paint …
    Can you paint other animals?

  5. Schwing97 says:

    That was really …
    That was really cool. Wich language did u write on? Chinese? Great vid.

  6. Gaia287 says:

    dont forget the …
    dont forget the talent

  7. Mimmisy123 says:

    ooooohhhh lol i …
    ooooohhhh lol i thought that the title said how to draw a tabby cat in chinese brush as in foliage or leaves….. anyways that looks amazing!!!! I wish I had the time and supplies to paint something like that!!!

  8. blueheronarts says:

    You can get …
    You can get painting brushes at our online store (see video description for the link). Thanks!

  9. malik13ist says:

    give it to me! give …
    give it to me! give it to me!, ill give ya 300 dollars!!!!!!!!!

  10. MissBMoon says:

    is cute ^^
    is cute ^^

  11. BrundukasLT says:

    Cool cat ;D
    Cool cat ;D

  12. JayXSly says:

    I think its worth …
    I think its worth more then 20 dollars…>.>

  13. felineaddict says:

    You painted my cat! …
    You painted my cat! Great job =)

  14. Rosheen22 says:

    Its very expressive …
    Its very expressive and free, not all Art has to be direct and accurately on paper, I think its beautiful.

  15. OreginoPhoenix says:

    Draw a Wolf! I …
    Draw a Wolf! I love wolves <3!!

  16. blueheronarts says:

    For under 20 …
    For under 20 dollars. Thank you for your rating! I will put one on eBay later.

  17. Nightwolfy1992 says:

    Hey, how much you …
    Hey, how much you sell it for? it look’d really great. ^^ (5 star)

  18. niceniggafigure says:

    Ilike your piuture
    Ilike your piuture

  19. Wolfsgirl15 says:



  20. slothinatrix says:

    I would pay 5 bucks …
    I would pay 5 bucks for that on ebay, no more than that

  21. kostibulished says:

    artistic freedom
    artistic freedom

  22. iplehguitar says:

    oh well it seems so …
    oh well it seems so strange that its eyes are closed like that, usually its much more straighter. it looks as if he’d drawn the top lid of the eye and nothing else

  23. kostibulished says:

    it has closed eyes
    it has closed eyes

  24. huyta99 says:

    u rule
    u rule

  25. rochelimit55555 says:

    I agree too
    I agree too

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