How to Use Bamboo Roll-up Brush Holder or Brush Wrap for Calligraphy or Chinese Painting Brush

chinese painting brush Amy doing a demo of how to use bamboo roll-up brush holder for calligraphy or Chinese Painting Brush.
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Duration : 0:4:7

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9 Responses to “How to Use Bamboo Roll-up Brush Holder or Brush Wrap for Calligraphy or Chinese Painting Brush”

  1. manicniceguy says:

    humm been using it …
    humm been using it wrong all this time

  2. dipchips says:

    Ah ! You see so i …
    Ah ! You see so i learn again ! Thx Henri. I think they have another one also; ‘Forever young forever learning’ (keep your mind open so you can keep learning like a young person)

  3. 3DDFeiCui says:

    Good care of …
    Good care of brushes. Thank you.

  4. blueheronarts says:

    @dipchips Thank you …
    @dipchips Thank you for your comments. In Chinese there is a saying: “grow old and learn till old, still there always three thing one has not learned.” (活到老,学到老,还有三样没学好) So let us keep gorwing.

  5. blueheronarts says:

    @farbschlacht …
    @farbschlacht That’s true.

  6. blueheronarts says:

    @CustodesAstartes …
    @CustodesAstartes That a very good question. For regular brushes, you can kee them in the same direction. If you have brushes that come with a fatter head it might be a problem. You may try alturnate the directions I think. Thank you!

  7. CustodesAstartes says:

    Do the brush hairs …
    Do the brush hairs all have to be the same direction? (Just wondering)

  8. dipchips says:

    It’s very …
    It’s very interesting and always learning, actually the learning never ends does it !? Yesterday i met somebody who is also studying chinese painting.However i was shocked when she said that she already knows every technic and way. Art is endless in my opinion.Thx Henri, nice vid.

  9. farbschlacht says:

    my brushes travel …
    my brushes travel that way. I havn’t heard of a better method.

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