Live Chinese Brush Painting & guqin performance by Dr. Nan Liu & Haiqiong Deng/国画与古琴现场表演:刘南博士/邓海琼

“Echoes of Nature,” formed by Dr. Nan Liu & Zheng virtuoso Haiqiong Deng, is a group dedicate to introduce traditional Chinese music and art to audience in North America. They have been done numerous lectures and concerts at various museums, festivals, universities, etc. in North America, introducing Chinese calligraphy, brush painting, Chinese zheng, and guqin music. Dr. Nan is currently the assistant art professor at Florida A&M University and Haiqiong Deng is the director of Chinese Music Ensemble at Florida State University. This is a live performance at their concert at Carson-Newman College, TN on 9/11/2012.

“自然的回响” - 是由画家刘南博士和古筝演奏家邓海琼女士合作的组合, 致力于在北美推广中国传统文化, 包括书法,国画, 古筝, 和古琴。 他们的足迹遍布北美个大博物馆, 大中小学, 及艺术节。 这是他们在2012年九月在田纳西州CARSON-NEWMAN 大学音乐会的其中一个节目。刘南博士是佛罗里达农机大学艺术系教授; 邓海琼是佛罗里达州立大学世界音乐系中国音乐导师。

Duration : 0:9:39

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