Old animated movie that involved a magical paintbrush?

I know for a fact that this movie HAS to be older than 1996, because I saw commercials on the tape it was recorded on for Teddy Ruxpin, some weird caterpillar game, and that Easy Bake Oven. All I can recall is that a poor boy and his sister try to make ends meet and the boy loves to paint and draw and gets a paint brush that makes things come to life. At one point his sister gets really sick and he tries to paint her picture but when he does the image shows her as getting sicker and sicker. I recall there was an evil man at one point who I think orders the boy to paint gold coins for him, which the boy does but in the end the man dies on a ship or something. And I remember seeing a monkey in the film as well as the boy having yellow hair and resembling the clothing that Oliver Twist might have worn: a vest and one of those interesting caps. And a rainbow here and there I think. It’s been about 13yrs since I last saw this film but I remember watching it alot. Any tips as to what movie this is will be helpful.

PS.(It’s not the Chinese Paintbrush or whatever it’s called. It was all voice in english but I can’t remember if it was a British or an American film).

Check "The Magic Paintbrush"

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    Check "The Magic Paintbrush"
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