Painting – Brushes to buy

chinese painting brush A brief introduction of brush plus what I sell on my site:

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9 Responses to “Painting – Brushes to buy”

  1. enadon1 says:

    wow arent orchids …
    wow arent orchids hard to paint? i am first going to get good with bamboo =)

  2. Chewbaca514 says:

    what is her exact …
    what is her exact website i cant find it i would love to buy brushes from her please help me

  3. Elektro0Hexe says:

    I believe she has …
    I believe she has an etsy shop^^ just take a look at her youtube page, you might find some info there!

  4. yanghaiying says:

    Just 10 days. Long …
    Just 10 days. Long enough to cool down.

  5. OckGal says:

    Have a nice time …
    Have a nice time in China, but don’t be away from us too long. :-)

  6. FuturisticXXL says:

    nice brushes – i do …
    nice brushes – i do chinese art at home – im only 14!

  7. OckGal says:

    Ah, that’s okay, …
    Ah, that’s okay, then. Hehe.

  8. ashandjay346 says:

    i just found you …
    i just found you website. just started chinese brush painting a few days ago and am trying to master painting an orchid. i live in louisiana and the stores around here dont have the quality of supplies that you have. you are my new

  9. NeoQuello says:

    Do you or does …
    Do you or does anyone reading this have a Parker Vector Fountain Pen and / or a Cross ATX Chrome Pen .. if yes would you please do a review. please and thankyou the Vector sells for 23 the ATX Chrome sells for 60-70. ..

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