Peony & Butterfly, part 2 – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies

chinese painting brush Chinese brush artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies and pianist Josh Harvey improvise together on their DVD “Joyful Brush” available for purchase from or
Virginia paints with Chinese inks and silk dyes on rice paper mounted on board.

Duration : 0:4:22

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20 Responses to “Peony & Butterfly, part 2 – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies”

  1. wtsuiw says:

    what kind of paper …
    what kind of paper u used? your painting is beautiful!!

  2. ClaraElx1 says:

    really …
    really beautiful.Thank You.Hugs

  3. LOVElaugh94 says:

    u’r very talented …
    u’r very talented :)

  4. larksbirdchannel says:

    i love the flowers
    i love the flowers

  5. Babykaylah13 says:

    i will never be …
    i will never be able to do something as beautiful as that.

  6. virginiald says:

    In this DVD I am …
    In this DVD I am using double shuen (thick) rice paper which I have pre-mounted on a board. I do not wet the board before painting on it. The brushes are traditional Chinese round brushes made from natural animal hair. I like hard or springy hair, described in catalogs as weasel or wolf hair, or bamboo/orchid brush. If I am painting peonies, I may use a softer goat hair brush.

  7. Cukvala says:

    What brand of brush …
    What brand of brush do you use? And what kind of paper? It is damp?

  8. mariadoesnotknow says:


  9. wensied says:



  10. virginiald says:

    Thanks, Mag. The …
    Thanks, Mag. The key to Chinese brush painting is practice. We were all beginners once. If you can, set up a table somewhere and lay out your brushes, ink and paper. Have a filled water container ready to go so whenever you have five minutes to spare you can do some strokes. It makes a big difference. Watch all my videos with a brush in hand so you can mimic my strokes; watch the angle of the brush in particular. Above all, enjoy yourself!

  11. Norry82 says:

    absulutely …
    absulutely beautifull, i wish i could paint like you, but i am just a learner, maybe someday, again, your paintings are stunning.

  12. virginiald says:

    Thanks for viewing …
    Thanks for viewing my video. The secret with Chinese style peonies is that there are definite strokes for the leaves and petals. On this video, I am using silk dyes on rice paper, which gives the colors a wonderful vivid translucence.

  13. HappyRembrandt says:

    Absolutely …
    Absolutely beautiful! I am a traditional Watercolorist whom was looking for peonies and you have captured this magnificently. Flowers and leaves so elegant. Thank you so much for sharing your talent on YouTube!!!

  14. wickedismycrack714 says:

    your paintings are …
    your paintings are wonderful! 

  15. hundehvalp22 says:

    I really really …
    I really really really love this picture…. And i really love you script and the collours……..!

  16. virginiald says:

    Glad you like it. I …
    Glad you like it. I practiced peonies for a year (about 20 years ago) to get the hang of them. The trick is to be loose with the petals so that they seem both delicate and lively.

  17. noel25t says:

    i wish i could have …
    i wish i could have this painting to hang on my wall <3

  18. virginiald says:


  19. virginiald says:


  20. Judimus2 says:


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