Raggedy Sparrow Practice 5 / Chinese Brush Painting Birds Animals Flowers

chinese painting brush With time on my hands I thought I would try Sparrows again.
These are not as short stroked as Yang O-shi’s appear to be. I can only guess, but for now, even being able to see the sparrow on the page before I paint something there is a feat I fight hard to get over.
Painting is not second nature to me though I am told it may be. It’s a beautiful pastime and the root of it all wold be nice to think that someone else in Europe saw my efforts and would like to try their hand as well.

Here are Five Sparrows, painted with traditional Chinese paints and paper, brushes and inks. All Chinese, even the mixing bowls are all authentic Chinese porcelain.

Raggedy Sparrow Practice 5 / Chinese Brush Painting

Duration : 0:7:42

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17 Responses to “Raggedy Sparrow Practice 5 / Chinese Brush Painting Birds Animals Flowers”

  1. FlidaisPeridotEyes says:

    Hej! I am from …
    Hej! I am from Sweden and have painted all my life, not for so long, I am only 19. I really enjoyed this! This looks so good!!! You’re really good!!! I have a question… how are chinese paints different form watercolour. Are they very thick, and are they expensive, and are they easy to find? Thanks alot!! /Lina

  2. 6649loz says:

    hey nice video,
    i …

    hey nice video,
    i was just wondering where you got your brushes from?
    like ive looked around but there soooooo expensive and like i just want to practice so i dont like need them profeesionally

  3. JasminePulse says:

    @ChineseCalligraphy …
    @ChineseCalligraphy good luck in ur studies and we will be looking for the next, thnx

  4. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    @JasminePulse I …
    @JasminePulse I study hard Chinese History and Art. :) Hope you enjoy what is to come.

  5. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    @01xiong10 The …
    @01xiong10 The music is old from a collection I found in a charity shop. I do not read chinese so I do not know sadly. :(

  6. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    @israelirey I know …
    @israelirey I know what you mean but I do not know the artform. Sorry!

  7. israelirey says:

    what is the art …
    what is the art called where you paint a bird but use the word bird to do so?

  8. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    @KENTOSI Hi, I …
    @KENTOSI Hi, I simply found some music collection in an old charity shop on cassette tapes. I transferred them to CD’s and use these. They must be from about 1970 maybe the 1080′s I dont know. Theyre all in Chinese so I dont know what the names are. ;D

  9. rainfalling2 says:

    very very beautiful …
    very very beautiful…it’s clear that you love birds! many many thanks!

  10. KENTOSI says:

    where do you get …
    where do you get your music from? i love watching your paintings, but i also love the accompanying music.

  11. dashpoet says:

    Well paced video – …
    Well paced video – a beautiful opportunity for me to learn something more of this art, thank you. Very calming too – in part down to your excellent choice of music.

  12. kasumisman says:

    i like the water …
    i like the water sounds u put in the back round music made me want to keep watching :D

    P.s. I suck at drawing birds -_-

  13. yipyip2020yip says:

    I don’t know why my …
    I don’t know why my responses to you couldn’t appear for my videos on yesterday and today. Something go wrong with my account.

  14. yipyip2020yip says:

    Your drawings are …
    Your drawings are very attractive and the whole artwork completed smoothly.

    Pretty good job ^.^

  15. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Im glad it brought …
    Im glad it brought a smile. It’s what motivates me, also. I simply enjoy learning.
    Keep warm.

  16. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Me too! ‘V’
    Me too! ‘V’

  17. BlackLily888 says:


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