Would these be considered very odd occurrences, & have you had similar experiences?

This was very strange …. see I’ve been getting into art work lately [again after many yrs.] and anyway I bought some art supplies. Then I went home and was wondering if I should buy paint brushes since I don’t remember where I put all my other supplies.
So I go to the local plaza to do some errands, and low and behold, in the middle of the sidewalk was a paint brush. The rest of the sidewalk was clean as it usually is.

AND ALSO, several months ago {like last summer}, I kept wondering if I should start designing jewelry since that’s another thing I’ve always wanted to do. So kept thinking about it, looking online etc. to daydream about gems, gold, string, beads, crystal beads to buy.
I go to the post office that day to pick up some mail. As I was opening all the mail, on the way out was a crystal beaded bracelet on the floor.

ONE OTHER thing~once I was humoring myself wouldn’t it be nice to find some $ on the ground. Even tho I work of course, who wouldn’t mind winning lotto, or finding some "extra cash" , LOL! And thought about a wallet I’d found as a kid many yrs. ago in the street.
Well, I went to the chinese restaurant to pick up my take-out order. And good gosh!!~On my way out, discovered a wallet w/some $$$ laying not too far from the lil’ Chinese place. {No, I didn’t keep the money though, I returned it–well took it to the police station actually}

Isn’t it strange that "coincidences" like this HAPPEN?!?!?!? I’ve more stories, but just a few more now.
HAVE YOU HAD SIMILAR EXPERIENCES like this happen to you? If so, share please!!!☺
Thank you☺

nothing happens by chance.

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  1. Would these be considered very odd occurences, & have you had similar experiences?
  2. Would these be considered very odd occurrences, and have you had similar experiences?

3 Responses to “Would these be considered very odd occurrences, & have you had similar experiences?”

  1. 2CIATC says:

    Once I was reading a book at home. I read a line where it said that the telephone rang. At the exact same time, the home phone rang. I was freaked out but got over it.
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  2. Mabe says:

    nothing happens by chance.
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  3. PinkDiva says:

    Well, I only have those similar experiences rarely. But with me, it occurs like this: on some nights, I dream fecal matter(s**t). Sometimes, when you dream of something rare in particular, it means something. That is, dreams have their meanings. Many psychics suggest that dreaming s**t means that a lot of money and good fortune awaits. As if saying that money is dirty but valuable. Also I read my horoscope(I’m a Libra), and it said that great job opportunities and prosperity await me. So I’m like:"May be its true. I am going to be economically stable and afford everything."
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