Bamboo Chinese Painting on a Large Sheet of Xuan Paper with Hake Brush by Henry Li

chinese painting ink I did this painting on a 4′x8′ sheet of Xuan paper re request of a Youtube view.
Medium: Long bristle wolf hair brush, hake brush, Sumi Ink, Marie’s Chinese painting colors, Large Xuan Paper.

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Duration : 0:14:4

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15 Responses to “Bamboo Chinese Painting on a Large Sheet of Xuan Paper with Hake Brush by Henry Li”

  1. ransomknits says:

    very beautiful. you …
    very beautiful. you make it look so easy!

  2. Harikasu says:

    @blueheronarts If I …
    @blueheronarts If I were to paint bamboos like you, I would improve my skills of stems rather than cover them with more leaves otherwise it looks overcrowded. If you act like Yang Haiying you just kiss your subscribers away. I am not offending you. But give you an honest opinion.

  3. blueheronarts says:

    @Harikasu Thank you …
    @Harikasu Thank you for pointing that out.I could have covered them with more leaves

  4. blueheronarts says:

    @Missuspoodle It …
    @Missuspoodle It was unmounted and with a felt pad underneath when I painted it.

  5. Missuspoodle says:

    Dear Henry Li, I …
    Dear Henry Li, I found both the fast forward and the full versions of this video very useful as well as inspiring.
    I notice you worked directly on the floor and there seemed to be no absorbent pad underneath. Is this an example of your pre-mounted Silicone paper? If not, would it be suitable? I fancy it might be expensive for a rank amateur like me to pre-mount such a large piece and then mess it up.

  6. Harikasu says:

    A careful observer …
    A careful observer will notice some defects in the stems. Leaves are done much better.

  7. sinibaa says:

    I wish you lived in …
    I wish you lived in my country so that I could learn from you. Thank you so much for your videos. With deep respect.

  8. blueheronarts says:

    @mmignacca643 Thank …
    @mmignacca643 Thank you for your suggestion. I just uploaded a full version of the clip with orignal speed and sound. Hope you enjoy watch!

  9. LovingLightFromCeci says:

    Mr. Li, please …
    Mr. Li, please accept my deepest appreciation for your beautiful, sensitive expression through Chinese brush painting.

    I wish also to offer my deepest gratitude to your videographer for the care & quality of work. You two are a dynamic duo, indeed!

    Thank you for bringing such joy to our home through YouTube!

    Warmest regards…Ceci & Peter

  10. irangel1958 says:

    Mr. Li you are …
    Mr. Li you are amazing, that is is beautiful work of art.

  11. mmignacca643 says:

    fast-forwarding …
    fast-forwarding your videos and muting the sound is annoying. make 2 videos if you feel like it will be too long, but people generally want to hear sound.

  12. wclittlend says:

    magnificent. …
    magnificent. thanks for sharing.

  13. danningzi says:

    That’s a nice one!
    That’s a nice one!

  14. caitlinx54 says:

    You’re awesome Mr. …
    You’re awesome Mr. Li!

  15. demonokron says:

    lovely work
    lovely work

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