Blue Heron and Cattail in Sumi-e Chinese Painting

chinese painting ink Rice paper, brushes, ink and colors are available at

Duration : 0:8:32

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9 Responses to “Blue Heron and Cattail in Sumi-e Chinese Painting”

  1. Agavaaa says:

    you must really …
    you must really creative man :)

  2. dkw12002 says:

    Rice paper. It’s …
    Rice paper. It’s available in Hobby Lobby or almost any art supply store and used in Chinese watercolor.

  3. Karesalot says:

    I just saw your …
    I just saw your current videos on plum flowers, didn’t know this whole treasure trove existed, I have alot of catching up to do. You are an amazing artist.

  4. zagist says:

    amazing…. but I …
    amazing…. but I don’t understand what kind of paper he used…. anyone know it??

  5. blueheronarts says:

    Aquaflo™ Brush Pens …
    Aquaflo™ Brush Pens and you may search online art supplies stores to find them.

  6. CIDVICIOUS831 says:

    what kind of brush …
    what kind of brush is the one that your using for your name? it looks like you could use it for details

  7. blueheronarts says:

    Goat hair.
    Goat hair.

  8. kwiterseven says:

    isnt the softest …
    isnt the softest brush you could find made out of elaphant ear hair?

  9. blueheronarts says:

    Good question. I …
    Good question. I use soft brush for washing and stiff brush for lining. The second one was made of rat-whiskers.

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