Chinese Civilization 2010-03-17 Classic and Immortal: Innovation of Traditional Chinese Painting

chinese painting ink Dunhuang art consists of three major forms: painting, sculpture and architecture. Buddhist icons are the main theme represented in the Dunhuang caves. These icons include 5 basic categories: the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhans, Heavenly Kings, and Protective Warriors. They are often sculpted in large scale and placed in the western niches of the caves as holy icons for worship. They are also painted on the walls as part of the entire design of the murals. Lin Haizhong not only specializes in Chinese Ink Landscape Painting, but also in Traditional Chinese Ink and Wash Painting. There were many unforgetable Traditional Chinese Ink and Wash Painting about Buddhism figures in Lin Haizhong’s works. Lin Haizhong has created a series of Buddhism paintings to reveal his new ideas in the arts.

Duration : 0:4:40

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  1. mcpartridgeboy says:

    that painting at 1: …
    that painting at 1:56 should have stayed a line drawing, or maybe half line half paint anyway his painting and drawing skills are really good ! thankyou.

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