Chinese Painting Tutorial – Orchid on hemp paper

chinese painting ink for more info.

Duration : 0:10:0

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18 Responses to “Chinese Painting Tutorial – Orchid on hemp paper”

  1. thegreatshankarma says:

    fantastica!!!! by …
    fantastica!!!! by the way what is this orchid’s name?

  2. taylor2001 says:

    welcome…visit …
    welcome…visit website for the ARTIST. ty!

  3. penanpaint7 says:

    loved this- wish I …
    loved this- wish I could take lessons- it appears to be such a relaxing method- thank you for this video as you clarified some aspects by repeating the procedure several times- it must have taken many years to develop these skills(?)

  4. Dakota20M says:

    @blueheronarts …
    @blueheronarts Alright then. Yeah I just learned 3 days ago. and now Ill be able to practice on rice paper. as soon as i win. Thanks alot. and I cant wait to see the rice paper.

  5. blueheronarts says:

    @Dakota20M That …
    @Dakota20M That item is Japanese rice paper. I would say it is “single” ply due to its thinness. It is machines made, fine texture, absorbent but not that bleeding. The fiber is short so it’s kind of tender when it comes to heavy washes and wet mounting. It is a good paper to practice considering the moderate price. It’s great that you know how to do traditional book binding. Amy just learned it from a art class and I would ask her to do the demo.Thanks!

  6. Dakota20M says:

    @blueheronarts Oh …
    @blueheronarts Oh thank you very much. I’ve seen that you have rice paper on ebay. 5 doz. 9.5×13 I was wondering. what kind is it? is it double xuan or triple or single?

    and for the traditional stitchbook video tutoral. Its a wonderful gesture. I’ve made one and its being used right now.

    thank you

    Brian O’neil

  7. blueheronarts says:

    @Dakota20M Thank …
    @Dakota20M Thank you! Sorry we don’t carry ready-made stitch books. But you can bind the rice paper into a stitch book pretty easily. We have all kinds of rice papers and they are all suitable for book binding. If you have any questions please me me know and I might do a video showing you how to do a traditional stitchbook.

  8. Dakota20M says:

    @blueheronarts …
    @blueheronarts Thank you for that. and Thank you for your videos. I was searching through your website and its prety fantastic. I might be buying some things soon. I hope. mostly Xuan paper. to practice on. Do you sell Chinese\Japanese stitch books? I have one but its pretty small.

    or do you sell the items needed to make one.?


    Brian O’neil

  9. blueheronarts says:

    @Dakota20M It’s a …
    @Dakota20M It’s a Buddhist music. You may search for “buddhist music” and find more.Thanks!

  10. Dakota20M says:

    The song is so …
    The song is so beautiful. What is it called. and where can i find it? I would love to practice Chinese Painting to this music.

    Thank you so much,

    Brian O’neil

  11. reaper66 says:

    very nice, I really …
    very nice, I really enjoyed your “lesson”

    great background music aswell

  12. josh955iracer says:

    yes very nice …
    yes very nice painting

  13. JorindaHsu says:

    Very good painitng.
    Very good painitng.

  14. kabojnk says:

    what’s the music in …
    what’s the music in the background? i like it. the painting is elegant too. :)

  15. blueheronarts says:

    Yes, I just posted …
    Yes, I just posted an auction on eBay for a original painting seen here.Thank you!

  16. OckGal says:

    I could watch you …
    I could watch you paint for hours!

  17. raven0619 says:

    How beautiful! Will …
    How beautiful! Will this be going on ebay?

  18. sarra247 says:

    ^^ good work !
    ^^ good work !

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