Here is the Full Version of this Large Bamboo Painting in Normal Speed

chinese painting ink Thank for the suggestions of a youtube viwer I am now making this video clip in its natural speed and sound.

I did this painting on a 4′x8′ sheet of Xuan paper re request of a Youtube view.
Medium: Long bristle wolf hair brush for bamboo leaves,

hake brush for bamboo trunk, Sumi Ink, Marie’s Chinese painting colors, Large Xuan Paper.

Please visit our website at for Chinese art supplies.

Duration : 0:33:28

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20 Responses to “Here is the Full Version of this Large Bamboo Painting in Normal Speed”

  1. mimimargo says:

    Wonderful! Thank …
    Wonderful! Thank you so much, so very beautiful!

  2. TheBuddhaLight says:

    This is a fabulous …
    This is a fabulous painting, the time and precise movements you make when painting the bamboo is very meditative in fact. It is very calming and creative, I love the outcome of the picture, it reflects on wisdom of Chinese culture.
    The bamboo that grows long and that which grows short, to see that wisdom comes from both old and young, this is the art of patience and chan.
    Many greetings to you, Victoria and Amy, from us.

  3. blueheronarts says:

    Chinese ink, Chung …
    Chinese ink, Chung Hwa or Yi-de-ge.

  4. Rachel Barcelos says:

    Witch ink are you …
    Witch ink are you using?

  5. MyDcdcd says:

    troi oi???? qua la …
    troi oi???? qua la mot nha thien tai ve trah thu phap
    mong tac gia gui nhiu video day ve hon nua
    de chung em hoc hoi a

  6. iagobroxado says:

    I could watch this …
    I could watch this all day.

  7. buibinhtayyoutub1000 says:

    thật tuyệt…..!! …
    thật tuyệt…..!! I am Viêt Nam

  8. MrHkvideo18 says:


  9. nozean says:


  10. Zanolini3 says:

    Hola, seria …
    Hola, seria fabulosos poder disfrutar de videos asi en español, gracias.

  11. Freemyworld1 says:

    great work friend
    great work friend

  12. 99kaly99 says:

    it`s amazing i wish …
    it`s amazing i wish i could draw like you but i exercise and hope that my paintings will be better

  13. manicniceguy says:

    killer =)
    killer =)

  14. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your feedbacks and support. Bamboo leaves are one of the most difficult part in Chinese painting and practice make it perfect. If you can do one or two strokes that looks like bamboo leaves in a group that will be very good. The rest don’t have to be realistic. Calligraphic connections between the leaves are more important. Hope bear brush will do the walking for you. Happy painting!

  15. kagrochmal says:

    Wonderful painting. …
    Wonderful painting. I have been practicing for about 4 months. I am really struggling with bamboo leaves. i understand the placement and grouping but the shape is difficult for me. maybe one or two will turn out but to do more comes out badly. do you have any suggestions? i did just purchase your bear wolf hair brush so i am hoping that may help. thank you for your time and i look forward to your new videos.

  16. OckGal says:

    Very beautiful (and …
    Very beautiful (and big)!

    Cute socks too, hehe!

  17. red8hk says:

    Nice arts !
    Nice arts !

  18. blueheronarts says:

    Yes, variety is the …
    Yes, variety is the keyword here. I alturnated or rotated the sides to vary the dark side sometimes. The dark side is “yin” and light side is “yang” but they are not determined by lighting source in Chinese painting. They contrast yet complement each other as seen in the Taoist Taichi symbo. Thank you for your comments.

  19. CustodesAstartes says:

    Is there any …
    Is there any particular reason you changed the side the black was on when painting the main stem? Just wondering…
    Also, keep it up, these are brilliant paintings.

  20. ImCuckoo4CocoPuffs says:

    Amazing! I don’t …
    Amazing! I don’t know if could paint THAT big!!

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