How to Paint Monkeys in Chinese Brush Painting with Henry Li (online class trailer)

chinese painting ink This is a trailer of a up coming video lesson on how to paint monkeys in CBP. The complete version with step-by-step instructions will be available for students only. Sign up now!

Rooster Feather Brushes (Available at our online stopre: )
Double Xuan rice paper: 106″ x 48″(244cm x 122cm)
Chinese ink
Marie’s 24 Chinese painting colors

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Duration : 0:8:25

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8 Responses to “How to Paint Monkeys in Chinese Brush Painting with Henry Li (online class trailer)”

  1. TheBonnieRose says:

    LOVE it! (Those are …
    LOVE it! (Those are some massive brushes, wow!) I’m a Golden Monkey, so monkeys are a favourite of mine! :)

  2. yueguishu says:

    Wow, when you look …
    Wow, when you look at the final views, it is a very, very beautiful painting, Henry.
    xiè xie ni de huà.

  3. huenjang1991 says:

    :D I mean I’m happy …
    :D I mean I’m happy when I watch your video.

  4. earth2k8 says:

    Wow – that was fun …
    Wow – that was fun! THANKS!

  5. leisititine1 says:


  6. zoidbetag says:

    is painting sad?
    is painting sad?

  7. huenjang1991 says:

    Master, you make …
    Master, you make painting look so easy and happy :XD

  8. indigolady52 says:

    Fascinating! I am …
    Fascinating! I am guilty of using the same brush throughout the entire painting. I sense frustration at one point and then come out of my intense focus to realize I forgot to switch brushes! Thank you for showing this video. It would be fun to learn how to paint this.

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