Writing is an ancient Chinese art?

Writing is an ancient Chinese art. Chinese calligraphy and painting are well known for the uniqueness of designs. I need all the stuff required for Chinese calligraphy like special ink stick, brushes, etc.

And your question is???

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  1. Living Legends. Still Rockin On! says:

    And your question is???
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  2. drakke1 says:

    That is correct — and they themselves are often works of art. You’ll also need a brush stand, a weight to hold down the paper, a grinding "platform", for grinding the inkstick, a dish for holding water , and even a water dropper if you want to be thorough, for mixing more water into the ink dish. If you go to a Chinese antiques store you’d find artistic pieces for all of this. It’s kind of a way of life :) Chinese brushpainting is a very beneficial practice for your being :)
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  3. Dominick S says:

    You can easily get material needed for Chinese calligraphy. This is a fine art and requires special ink, brushes and other things. These are also available on on-line stores in the internet. Log onto the internet and buy your stuff. http://www.char4u.com/calligraphy
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