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Watercolor Tutorial: How to Wield a Chinese Brush to Paint Roses

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

chinese painting brush This is a re-mix of one of our early Youtube videos recorded in 2007. I have narrated it since the original sound track was missing as some of you have suggested. Meanwhile I cut “childish grass” part out at the end according to many of viwers comments, even though I could not erase it on the actual painting.:-)

Materials List

Brush: The Basic three. 1) goat-wolf combination brush for the flowers; 2)wolf hair for leaves and canes; 3) Small weasel brush for drawing the veins and write signature.
Paper: Japanese Rice Paper (9″x13″)
Colors: Marie’s Chinese Painting Colours:
Chinese White, Camine and Rouge for the flower and Gamboge +Indigo and Ink for the Leaves and stems.
Padding: Synthetic Felt

All above supplies can be found at

Thanks for all of you who left feedbacks!


Duration : 0:6:16


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Goldfish – How to Make Use of Watermarks in Chinese Painting on Rice Paper

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

chinese painting brush Introducing the Four Treasures of Chinese Painting: Brush, Rice Paper, Inkstick and Inkstone.
Here is a list of supplies for beginners:
1. 2-5 Chinese Painting Brushes.
You need a pair of soft and stiff brush, or a combination brush to get start. Good varieties in size and shapes are available here for you to choose from. If you already have some Asian brushes, try them to see if they work for you.
2. Sumi Ink. You may use bottled liquid ink for convenience. Tradtitional inkstick and inkstone and are recommended for best result.
3. Rice Paper. High quality of authentic Chinese rice paper are available at moderate prices. We recommend mulberry paper to beginning student for less bleeding and evenly color lending. For advanced students, you might want to try our high absorbent Xuan(shuan) paper.
4. Watercolor Paints. Marie’s Chinese painting watercolor and color chips are available in our online store. You may also use artist quality watercolor or gouache.
5. A Pallete or Two White Ceramic Saucers.
6. A Water Container for rinsing brush, as big as possible.
7. A piece of Felt Pad. It should be in white or light color, no black! Synthetic is fine. Recommended size: 18″x20″.
8. Paper Towel or Hand Tissue. for blotting or to dry the brush.

Duration : 0:15:44


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How to Use Bamboo Roll-up Brush Holder or Brush Wrap for Calligraphy or Chinese Painting Brush

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

chinese painting brush Amy doing a demo of how to use bamboo roll-up brush holder for calligraphy or Chinese Painting Brush.
For more information, please visit our online store at

Duration : 0:4:7


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