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Chinese Brush Painting with Kwan Jung

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

chinese painting brush Learn More: Capture the essence of complex subjects in just a few strokes with Chinese brush painting. This traditional method requires patience and practice, but you’ll get a huge head start in master painter Kwan Jung’s DVD workshop. You’ll build discipline and design skills as you render six classic subjects in ink and paint.

Kwan Jung covers the essential skills, from grinding ink to gripping the brush. First you’ll learn the 10 basic strokes as you paint a prawn. Then you’ll add movement and gesture to your repertoire as Jung demonstrates bamboo and bird forms. He varies brush width within each stroke, allowing him to paint quickly and judiciously.

Jung adds colorful accents with acrylics and watercolors. You’ll mix these media with ink to subtly shift hues as you paint hibiscus, horses, and a cowboy. The video repeats critical strokes so you can watch Jung’s brushwork from multiple angles.

Learn classical techniques to enhance your current art in Chinese Brush Painting with Kwan Jung.

Buy the Kwan Jung DVD workshop from Creative Catalyst here:

Watch the video online at here:

Duration : 0:1:8


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practical peonies chinese brush painting tutorial

Friday, July 13th, 2012

chinese painting brush this tutorial will help you get and Idea of how to paint a peony flowers hope you enjoy

Duration : 0:12:33


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rooster painting chinese brush

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

chinese painting brush a quick way to paint a rooster

Duration : 0:8:47


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How to Paint Hydrangeas in Chinese Brush Painting with Henry Li(HD)

Friday, June 29th, 2012

chinese painting brush In this painting, I drew my inspirations, first, from my late teacher Zhang Zhengyin, who sent me a sample painting with white hydrangeas 24 years ago when I just came to the USA; and second, from the real flowers. When I look at hydrangeas it reminds me of fireworks for some reason, maybe because of the timing that 4th of July is just around the corner but also the shape and the colors of the hydrangea flowers, all that set the mood of this painting. I hope you enjoy watching the whole process although might be a little too long. Like I said in my chrysanthemum class, which will be shown next month in my class, drawing those flower petals one by one makes us calm down and brings inner peace to our mind. So, thanks for your patience!
For those of you who likes to take an online class from me now it’s time to register, the class will start on July 16th. For more info please visit

Someone asked me how to make a piece of paper into he fan face shape, and I tried to show in this photo. Just fold it inhalf and then start from the center to make multiple slant folds, with narrower bottom and wider top. Then cut the top and bottom off. Here you go the fan face. The paper used is quite bigger than you might think you need, you may use your wasted painting or newspaper to try this.

Happy 4th of July!

God bless America!


P.S. the paper I used was antique-colored Xuan which you can purchase from our online store

Duration : 0:22:38


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Roses – Chinese Brush Painting demonstration by Jane Evans to her afternoon class

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

chinese painting brush Jane Evans is a renowned Chinese Brush Painting artist, based in Cambridge, UK. Here she demonstrates how to paint roses to her afternoon class. The sound is not essential but it does give a flavour of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Jane Evans’s Chinese Brush Painting classes.

Duration : 0:8:2


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Iris & Rock part 2 – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

chinese painting ink Chinese brush artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies and pianist Josh Harvey improvise together on their DVD “Joyful Brush” available for purchase from or
Virginia paints with Chinese inks and silk dyes on rice paper mounted on board.

Duration : 0:4:10


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Swordman in Chinese Figure Painting (Baimiao Version) 白描

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

chinese painting brush Baimiao 白描 definition: (Chinese: “plain drawing”) Wade-Giles romanization pai-miao, in Chinese painting, brush technique that produces a finely controlled, supple ink outline drawing without any colour or wash (diluted ink or paint applied in broad sweeps) embellishment. It is commonly used for figure painting, in which precise description is important.

Free Google samples of Baimiao

Paintings of Shaolin Kungfu monks

Small and fine brush used H1f: Red Feather Small Brush

Drawing techniques for Gongbi Baimiao are very similar to Chinese calligraphy seal styles

Unsized “Exercise Xuan Paper” from (may not be listed online, please ask for 明星牌練習單宣)

Oil soot ink stick ( named 金不換 ) used

Large picture of this drawing


Filename: Baimiao-Swordman-3drafts-CBP-20110608.wmv

Duration : 0:4:14


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Bamboo and Bird – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

chinese painting brush Chinese brush artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies paints to live piano improvisations by Josh Harvey. Virginia paints with Chinese inks and silk dyes on rice paper. There is no pre-sketching and no reworking the brush strokes. Available for purchase at or

Duration : 0:9:59


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Peony & Butterfly part 1 – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

chinese painting brush Chinese brush artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies and pianist Josh Harvey improvise together on their DVD “Joyful Brush” available for purchase from and Virginia paints with Chinese inks and silk dyes on rice paper mounted on board.

Duration : 0:8:18


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Small & Extra Fine Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Brushes (Part 2)

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

chinese painting brush Part 1

To obtain extra fine and small Chinese painting and calligraphy brushes

(An internationally renowned brushstore in Hong Kong, ships worldwide, a preferred store by many of my calligraphy and painting friends in Dallas.)

(For inquiries of many small brushes not listed online, please call Mr. Robert Bo at 972-758-7238, between 12 – 8 PM, Texas time.)

Basic knowledge and techniques of Chinese brushes

To use extra fine brushes, the selection of Xuan paper and grinding quality ink sticks are mutually related to the functionalities of different brushes, as well as the touches (pressure, lifting and pressing, rotation, turning, shivering, and the combined movements) we apply with the brush tips.

1:57 小號紫圭可用於皴法
Small “紫圭” has been one of my favorite brushes.

皴法 (pronounced as Cun Fa or Tsun Fa) Textures in Chinese brush painting

To download free Ma Tai’s Chinese Painting Tutorials (2 volumes in pdf) ( 马骀画宝 美人百态画谱 )

Small Chinese calligraphy and painting brushes made by Li Fushou

Small cursive Chinese calligraphy

Filename: Small-ExtraFine-ChineseCalligraphyPaintingBrushes-MaTaiPTFigure-WangJianRock-Part2-VariousSamples2008to2011.wmv

Duration : 0:5:9


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