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“Lucky Rabbit” Calligraphy and “Nine Goldfish” Chinese Painting by Henry Li

Monday, January 16th, 2012

chinese painting ink I did this Lucky Rabbit calligraphy and Nine Fish painting (Jiu Ru meaning “good luck as you wish”) at the Arcadia Mall at the ACA’s 2011 Chinese New Year Festival, wishing them bring you good fortune in year of the rabbit.

I will be teaching an online course at hte this summer. You may pre-register at artfulgethering. This is giving us a “guest list” e-mails. Then you will be invited to the website by June 23rd to formally register. Classes starts on July 16th and last thru to August 20th. Here is my draft class description. Let me know if you have any questions.

Sumi Ink and Watercolor on Rice Paper
July 16th – August 20th, 2011
Learn authentic Chinese painting from master artist, Henry Li. Sumi Ink and Watercolor on Rice Paper is a six week online class that will be suitable for beginners as well as the intermediate students. Step by step, you will see how to select and wield a Chinese brush, how to load it with ink and watercolors, and how to paint on various rice papers. Subject matters include bamboo-and-orchid, flowers-and-birds, animals and landscapes their basic strokes and principles of composition. Individual critiques of student work will be offered upon request, in the classroom setting, or through private e-mail with follow up instructions. Course Fee: $65.00

Here is what the students need to do is go to : and click on the top tab that says “Registration and Policies.” There is paypal or credit card options. It is 5.00 to register for the class event in June..

Materials List:
Materials used in the above rabbit painting are:
1) Semi-sized Xuan rice paper
2) Waterbrushes
3) Marie’s Chinese painting colors
vermillion, sinnibar and carmine

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