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Swordman in Chinese Figure Painting (Baimiao Version) 白描

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

chinese painting brush Baimiao 白描 definition: (Chinese: “plain drawing”) Wade-Giles romanization pai-miao, in Chinese painting, brush technique that produces a finely controlled, supple ink outline drawing without any colour or wash (diluted ink or paint applied in broad sweeps) embellishment. It is commonly used for figure painting, in which precise description is important.

Free Google samples of Baimiao

Paintings of Shaolin Kungfu monks

Small and fine brush used H1f: Red Feather Small Brush

Drawing techniques for Gongbi Baimiao are very similar to Chinese calligraphy seal styles

Unsized “Exercise Xuan Paper” from (may not be listed online, please ask for 明星牌練習單宣)

Oil soot ink stick ( named 金不換 ) used

Large picture of this drawing


Filename: Baimiao-Swordman-3drafts-CBP-20110608.wmv

Duration : 0:4:14


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Small & Extra Fine Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Brushes (Part 2)

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

chinese painting brush Part 1

To obtain extra fine and small Chinese painting and calligraphy brushes

(An internationally renowned brushstore in Hong Kong, ships worldwide, a preferred store by many of my calligraphy and painting friends in Dallas.)

(For inquiries of many small brushes not listed online, please call Mr. Robert Bo at 972-758-7238, between 12 – 8 PM, Texas time.)

Basic knowledge and techniques of Chinese brushes

To use extra fine brushes, the selection of Xuan paper and grinding quality ink sticks are mutually related to the functionalities of different brushes, as well as the touches (pressure, lifting and pressing, rotation, turning, shivering, and the combined movements) we apply with the brush tips.

1:57 小號紫圭可用於皴法
Small “紫圭” has been one of my favorite brushes.

皴法 (pronounced as Cun Fa or Tsun Fa) Textures in Chinese brush painting

To download free Ma Tai’s Chinese Painting Tutorials (2 volumes in pdf) ( 马骀画宝 美人百态画谱 )

Small Chinese calligraphy and painting brushes made by Li Fushou

Small cursive Chinese calligraphy

Filename: Small-ExtraFine-ChineseCalligraphyPaintingBrushes-MaTaiPTFigure-WangJianRock-Part2-VariousSamples2008to2011.wmv

Duration : 0:5:9


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Accordion Book Miniature Chinese Painting – Landscape

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

chines painting supplies Sketching without draft (copied from 三希堂畫譜 with adjustment to fit the pages of this small accordion book)
Total time used: about 1.5 hours
Video speeds: Due to lengthy recording, most clips and excerpts are sped up to 500% with VideoStudio.
Brushes used: 花枝俏 (first stage), 七紫三羊 (some light wash), & zero brush (finishing details)

San Xi Tang Painting Manual 三希堂畫譜 (A famous set of Chinese painting textbooks as well known as Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual & Ma Tai’s Painting Treasures)

《三希堂畫寶》,又名《三希堂畫室大觀》,畫寶編排為山水、人物、竹、菊、仕女、翎毛、花卉、梅花、蘭花、草虫共十種譜式。每譜之前各有名家序言一篇,有關畫種的淺說一篇。卷前還附有著名書畫家曾農髯,吳昌碩,于右任等題詞,主編者是葉九如。 (A common Chinese typo here is 時九如. This happened because 是 (is) was typed as 時 and the author’s family name is 葉, not 時) 此畫寶編成於公元一九二四年,選圖二千一百八十余幅,起手畫法一千零九十余條式,畫譜多選自清末、民初時期上海畫家的作品,少數也有明代陳老蓮,清人金冬心的作品。其中在人物一卷中,選錄丁鶴洲《寫真秘決》見其他山水、樹木、樓閣、花鳥、蘭竹等各圖例,多採自《芥子園畫傳》。一所不同者,三希堂畫寶編有仕女專輯,加上山水,人物專輯,堪稱洋洋巨觀。

To view many kinds of Chinese accordion books, please search 宣纸册页 in (“Chinese e-Bay” for shopping all sorts of Chinese calligraphy and painting supplies and four treasures)

Chinese accordion book

Filename: Miniature-ChineseLandscapePainting-AccordionBook-Sumie-SPED500-10092010.wmv

Duration : 0:4:27


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