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Sumi-e Lotus Chinese painting – part 1/5 + Lotus Pictures from Google

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

chinese painting ink Free Chinese painting pictures for download

Learn how to paint lotus and flowers with Chinese brushes in red, blue, white, and other colors.
“Renowned Chinese painters teaching Chinese brush painting series” will cover landscape, flower and bird, peony, lotus, bamboo, figures, and etc.

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Where are the Lotus on Echo Lake? A Plein Air Brush Painting of LA Cityscape with Henry Li

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

chines painting supplies Like the Central Park in NYC, Echo Park is located just north of downtown LA. Echo Lake is well known for the annual Lotus Festival, but this year the lotus flowers are absent there. Facing the empty pond I painted this plein air cityscape with mind image of the beautiful flowers. I hope to see the beautiful lotus flowers here next year.

Materials List
Paper: Red Star Single-layer Xuan(Shuan) Paper
Brush: Piston-filler Waterbrush Pens
Color: Sumi Ink and Chinese Watercolors

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Victoria Li doing a Large Lotus Chinese Painting in Ink and Water Spontaneous Style

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

chinese painting ink The large brushes is known as Jing-zhua or “Peking Grab”, which has been used for hundreds of years, suggests that the brush is too heavy to hold in the normal way when loaded so the artist must “grab” the handle in the hand(see picture). It can also serves as a washing brush for large areas or back ground washes. To order one for yourself or get one as a great gift please click the following link:

Lotus is symbol of harmony and used to decorating the family room.

Information about Cappy:
Chihuahua and Dutchhound mix, Cappy is seven and half years old now. His name Cappy is a short of “Cappuccino.” He is a very sensitive watch and friendly companion dog.

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chinese lotus ink painting

Friday, October 28th, 2011

chinese painting ink painting a chinese lotus using chinese ink and watercolour

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How to draw Lotus Flower sumi-e Chinese Painting #2

Friday, October 28th, 2011

chines painting supplies Chinese painting supplies are available at an online store (we ship world wide from Los Angeles, California).
Chinese people loved lotus flowers. Essentially the lotus flower represents peace, creativity and purity amid adverse surroundings. A perfect subject matter for sumi ink painting.

As symbol of Buddhism: lotus grows from the muds yet it doesn’t have the smell of mud. Buddha comes into this world and he is freed from all attachments.

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