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Painting Plum Blossom Chinese Hanging Scroll with Rooster Feather Brush

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

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This plum blossom painting conclude the “Four Gentlemen” hanging scroll series. I have tried very hard to take advantage of the green screen trick that I have just learned to give the viewer some idea about spirit of plum blossoms which bloom in the snow. I found theses nice pictures on the internet AFTER I have done the painting and in the video editing process to make it look like I was painting in front of those beautiful flowers instead of the green screen. I wish it helps you to get the essence of Chinese plum blossom painting. Let me know what do you think.

The brush that I used for this plum painting is made of rooster feather. It worked out just as I expected – to loosen up control over details and concentrate on the oneness of all strokes and the wholesome image in my mind. I love the rich texture generated by dry feather brush on the trunk and the bouncing twigs produced by sensitive feather tip.
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Duration : 0:27:8


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