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Watercolor Tutorial: How to Wield a Chinese Brush to Paint Roses

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

chinese painting brush This is a re-mix of one of our early Youtube videos recorded in 2007. I have narrated it since the original sound track was missing as some of you have suggested. Meanwhile I cut “childish grass” part out at the end according to many of viwers comments, even though I could not erase it on the actual painting.:-)

Materials List

Brush: The Basic three. 1) goat-wolf combination brush for the flowers; 2)wolf hair for leaves and canes; 3) Small weasel brush for drawing the veins and write signature.
Paper: Japanese Rice Paper (9″x13″)
Colors: Marie’s Chinese Painting Colours:
Chinese White, Camine and Rouge for the flower and Gamboge +Indigo and Ink for the Leaves and stems.
Padding: Synthetic Felt

All above supplies can be found at

Thanks for all of you who left feedbacks!


Duration : 0:6:16


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Roses – Chinese Brush Painting demonstration by Jane Evans to her afternoon class

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

chinese painting brush Jane Evans is a renowned Chinese Brush Painting artist, based in Cambridge, UK. Here she demonstrates how to paint roses to her afternoon class. The sound is not essential but it does give a flavour of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Jane Evans’s Chinese Brush Painting classes.

Duration : 0:8:2


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