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Book Fair: Chinese painting, seal stones, calligraphy DVD with English/Chinese caption (2008 Part 5)

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

chines painting supplies As probably the largest U.S. Chinese books distributor, Mr. Chang sells books, DVDs, VCDs, Chinese calligraphy and painting supplies to many Chinese bookstores and schools in north America. His prices are either lowest or very competitive.

The sponsor of the annual Chinese book fair in Dallas Chinese Commnunity Center, Texas:
To order, please call Mr. Chang
World Journal Bookstore, a major distributor of Chinese books in the United States
Mr. Hou Chang
San Jose, California, USA
Cell: 408-472-1827
Website: currently N/A (affiliated Chinese Newspaper)
Mr. Chang travels to China and distributes Chinese calligraphy, painting books, seal stones, supplies, tools, inkstones, brushes, Xuan paper, and various Four Treasures at very reasonable prices.

Technical questions about Chinese brushes:…

Shopping for Four Treasures:…

Joshua Hough’s Disclaimer:
1. I do not guarantee the quality of EACH individual brush, nor the price changes and availability. I am not responding to any availability and price issues.
2. I do not sell any of those items (as of 2008).
3. I do not take commissions.

I provide the information in this video solely for practitioners of Chinese calligraphy and painting to compare the selection and shopping of the supplies and tools.

Duration : 0:5:57


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