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Chinese Civilization 2010-03-17 Classic and Immortal: Innovation of Traditional Chinese Painting

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

chinese painting ink Dunhuang art consists of three major forms: painting, sculpture and architecture. Buddhist icons are the main theme represented in the Dunhuang caves. These icons include 5 basic categories: the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhans, Heavenly Kings, and Protective Warriors. They are often sculpted in large scale and placed in the western niches of the caves as holy icons for worship. They are also painted on the walls as part of the entire design of the murals. Lin Haizhong not only specializes in Chinese Ink Landscape Painting, but also in Traditional Chinese Ink and Wash Painting. There were many unforgetable Traditional Chinese Ink and Wash Painting about Buddhism figures in Lin Haizhong’s works. Lin Haizhong has created a series of Buddhism paintings to reveal his new ideas in the arts.

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國畫 Plum Blossom & Sparrow.Chinese Brush Painting.

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

chinese painting brush Plum Blossom & Sparrow.Chinese Brush Painting.
Studying the way the Plum Blossom looks. For me, I didnt make the boughs prominent enough and too many flowers.
:) But lots of fun trying.
I like the compisition.

Duration : 0:3:12


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Bamboo Practice:Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

chinese painting brush I thought today I would try a Bamboo painting. I have a new Brochure, as this is my means of tuitiion, Europe doesn’t really have an abundance of Chinese Brush Painting Masters, Lots of Wannabe Europeans, (Lots summary = about 2000 nationwide) but it is a tough subject and I have to rely on YouTube tutorials and examples. So all your videos are more valuable to people like me than you actually imagine.
Many thanks.
I hope you enjoy this one.
Bamboo Practice:Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy

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Animated Chinese Painting (5/30,000) – Landscape, Animals, Figures, Flower & Birds

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

chinese painting ink

These video series will include animated stories for Chinese art, history, poems, phrases, flower and bird painting, landscapes, bamboo painting, languages in Chinese painting and calligraphy animations, cartoon, or slides. The subjects will also cover roosters, eagles, cranes, raggedy birds, flowers, crickets, grass hoppers, sparrows, butterflies, dragonflies, insects, rabbits, lions, dragons, and etc by various Chinese painting masters, professors, or computer graphic experts.

Duration : 0:3:8


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Raggedy Sparrow Practice 5 / Chinese Brush Painting Birds Animals Flowers

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

chinese painting brush With time on my hands I thought I would try Sparrows again.
These are not as short stroked as Yang O-shi’s appear to be. I can only guess, but for now, even being able to see the sparrow on the page before I paint something there is a feat I fight hard to get over.
Painting is not second nature to me though I am told it may be. It’s a beautiful pastime and the root of it all wold be nice to think that someone else in Europe saw my efforts and would like to try their hand as well.

Here are Five Sparrows, painted with traditional Chinese paints and paper, brushes and inks. All Chinese, even the mixing bowls are all authentic Chinese porcelain.

Raggedy Sparrow Practice 5 / Chinese Brush Painting

Duration : 0:7:42


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Leadwort Floral Chinese Brush Painting Practice Chinese painting flower, bird, plant & animals

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

chinese painting brush Not that everyone knows what a Cape Leadwort is. I didn’t/ But, ’tis one of Yang O-shi’s lessons, so, it became mine also.
Trying hard. Lots to learn.
This was alot of fun.
Yang O-shi’s book, “100 Flowers” is a liquid style tutorial book containing 238 pages of 100 flowers in easy see through lessons.
All you have to do after that is work out how the paint is sposed to be.
I am not fluent yet. But it’s a good meditation at the days end.

Cape Leadwort Floral Chinese Brush Painting Practice

Duration : 0:4:9


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Chinese Watercolor Traditional Painting Lesson “Hey! Be Carefull.” How to paint a Chinese Rooster

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

chines painting supplies Chinese Watercolor Traditional Painting Lesson Some fun before bedtime. I enjoy Cockerels. :o)
Well, It was originally sposed to be a Chick, but I forgot. And it beca,e a cricket instead.
Today I’ll try my hand doing a Chick.
Alot of fun and lately I have enjoyed listening to the Dizi being played. I wondered what it would be like to play one. So Ive bene looking into who supplies them. Kind of fun.
ANyway, painting anything with Chines ematerials is always trying, difficult for me. New. And I want t learn, so, here are my humble efforts. I hope my progression will show.

Chinese bird and flower painting. Chinese paintings. How to paint a Cockerel or Rooster almost treading on a Croicket, as you’ve always wanted to discover.

Duration : 0:4:53


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