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Swordman in Chinese Figure Painting (Baimiao Version) 白描

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

chinese painting brush Baimiao 白描 definition: (Chinese: “plain drawing”) Wade-Giles romanization pai-miao, in Chinese painting, brush technique that produces a finely controlled, supple ink outline drawing without any colour or wash (diluted ink or paint applied in broad sweeps) embellishment. It is commonly used for figure painting, in which precise description is important.

Free Google samples of Baimiao

Paintings of Shaolin Kungfu monks

Small and fine brush used H1f: Red Feather Small Brush

Drawing techniques for Gongbi Baimiao are very similar to Chinese calligraphy seal styles

Unsized “Exercise Xuan Paper” from (may not be listed online, please ask for 明星牌練習單宣)

Oil soot ink stick ( named 金不換 ) used

Large picture of this drawing


Filename: Baimiao-Swordman-3drafts-CBP-20110608.wmv

Duration : 0:4:14


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