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Student Package for my Online Chinese Painting Class

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

chines painting supplies To purchape:


This value pack includes all the items in the basic supplies check list for my online Chinese painting class.

10x Mulberry Paper #1(30″x18.5″) – retail price $10
10x Xuan Paper (27″x18″) – retail price $12.85

10 x Semi-sized Xuan paper(27″x18″) – retail price $5.50
1x Sheep Hair Flower Brush – retail price: $4.99
1x Combination White-Cloud Brush – retail price $4.99
1x Wolf Hair Bamboo-and-Orchid Brush – retail price $6.99
1x Rat Whisker Landscape Brush – retail price $9.95
1x Small Seasel Leave-Vein Brush – retail price $4.99
1x Rabbit Hair Water Brush – retail price: $7.49
1x Wool Felt – retail price $7.99
1x Magic Cloth – retail price $9.95
12-Color Marie’s Chinese Painting Colors – retail price $12.50
1x Japanese Sumi Drawing Ink – retail price $7.99

Total retail value: $106.18, with 25% discount = $79

Please see “Basic Supplies Check List” for other supplies you will need.

Click here for up coming online Chinese painting class information.



Duration : 0:18:35


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Where are the Lotus on Echo Lake? A Plein Air Brush Painting of LA Cityscape with Henry Li

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

chines painting supplies Like the Central Park in NYC, Echo Park is located just north of downtown LA. Echo Lake is well known for the annual Lotus Festival, but this year the lotus flowers are absent there. Facing the empty pond I painted this plein air cityscape with mind image of the beautiful flowers. I hope to see the beautiful lotus flowers here next year.

Materials List
Paper: Red Star Single-layer Xuan(Shuan) Paper
Brush: Piston-filler Waterbrush Pens
Color: Sumi Ink and Chinese Watercolors

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Thank you for watching!


Duration : 0:15:42


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